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Can't ftp to ps2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by s00pcan, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. s00pcan

    s00pcan Guest

    I have the memory card exploit installed with EXECFTPS. My ps2 is connected to my pc through a hub and it uses ICS. The config.dat file looks like this so far:
    First one being the ps2's ip (confirmed) then the subnet mask then the gateway. My pc doesn't specify a gateway for that internet connection so I left the default setting.

    The problem is that I can somewhat connect, but not do anything with the ftp from my pc to my ps2. I get an error but it definatly connects to the server which is indeed running. If anyone here knows what I should try, I'd appreciate the help.
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  2. tragidy

    tragidy Member

    Aug 22, 2004
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    1. Get a free webhosting account with 500MB+ storage and ftp support
    2. Unplug the hub etc
    3. Plug connection directly to ps2 to avoid NAT.
    4. Download from your new ftp

    There sure is other methods but with just a hub i don't think you can do port forwarding as in a router.
    Not sure on the port forwarding and DMZ
  3. s00pcan

    s00pcan Guest

    The ps2 can't run as a client as far as I know with the program I have on it.
  4. s00pcan

    s00pcan Guest

    Whee I just did it. I downloaded the flashFXP client on my pc and unchecked passive mode and it works.

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