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can't get hdl_dumb-081 to connect to my pc

Discussion in 'PS2' started by rockinpsp, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. rockinpsp

    rockinpsp Guest

    i have tried the following settings in my pc

    in tcp/ip i have the ip adress se to
    the mask to

    and the rest blank.

    i have the following protocols install on my network card nwlink netbios, nwlink ipx/spx/netbios, internet protocol tcp/ip.

    i have winxp firewall off , and guest mode on.

    i am useing a cross over cable white 10'.and hd advance3.0 to boot up the net work.

    i wanted to transfer some of my backups to my ps2 by pc , this way but it just keeps say my ps2 refused the connection!????

    why and how do i fix this, without opening my pc??

    thanks alot in return.
  2. rockinpsp

    rockinpsp Guest

    and now 1hr ago some one just hacked my router!
    it happen right after i posted this.
    took me and hr to fix it.

    thanks alot, for hacking my pc for the 3rd time this month!!!

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