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Can't play any Backups with ESR... "invalid media in drive"

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by leijonasisu, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. leijonasisu

    leijonasisu Member

    Jan 25, 2013
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    I've recently softmodded my old fat PS2 with Freemcboot from the Noobie Package.
    I've been using ESR patcher 0.24a but whenever I try to play the game it doesn't work.. with the game already in the PS2 it just takes forever to boot to the FMCB screen. When going into the ESR program it just says "Invalid Media in Drive"

    DVD Media I've tried:

    Verbatim DVD+R - Burned at 3x
    TDK DVD-R - Burned at 3x

    The burner I've used us a TSSTcorp L632H burner in my laptop. It's a Samsung. I've tried both 'DVD-Decrypter' and 'Imgburn' to try and burn the discs.

    Both Media brands I've tried are good, reputable brands.. I have burned 100s of copies of Original PS1 games on TDK discs. None have ever had problems. I've tried both - and + R's. My PS2 is very.. very old. One of the first made perhaps. The model number is: SCPH-30004. It's a [PAL] PS2. Of course I use the ESR patcher to patch my .iso files before burning.

    Things I've tried:

    *Tried 2 good brands of Different Media.
    *Tried + and - R' discs.
    *Tried 2 different burning programs. Imgburn and DVD-Decrypter
    *Tried gently cleaning my PS2s laser.
    *Tried different game .iso files in case some were 'bad'

    Things I haven't tried:

    *A different burner. I don't have one.. I used to but I actually sold it the day that I modded my PS2... I've only seen from 1 person on the forum here somewhere that a Laptop burner might not be good enough for it to work.. but still shouldn't I at least get something? I really don't think there'd be that much difference right?

    *A different burning speed. I always was told with burning my CD backups for my Original PS1 that the slowest speed was always the best. Anything even slightly faster than the slowest speed almost always produced skips and issues. Though some people have said that anything under 'Half' the max speed of the disc isn't good enough.. am I not using enough 'power' to burn these games? I've seen people on Youtube use their laptops to burn working games.. but they DID choose faster speeds than me..

    *Using Nero to burn instead of Imgburn or DVD-Decrypter (but at this point I really don't want to waste more CDs)

    PS2 still plays legitimate games no problem.

    I have wasted 25€ on CDs... 10€ on James Bond to Install the hack... 10€ on a second memory card. 10€ on a Component cable for my PS2. I really don't want to be told to buy MORE media, or more of anything to get this stupid old stubborn thing to work...

    Why can other people use cheap media and produce results and I can't? What am I doing wrong.. This is driving me nuts. The wife wants to play her old favourite burnout games and I've got a couple of RPGs I'd like to finish..

    Is there a way I can somehow play games from their .iso files from a USB HDD or something? I had an old 40GB IDE HDD that I could have installed in the PS2 I guess, but, again I stupidly threw it away... I bought it for the PS2 when I was going to hack it years ago but I never got around to it. Can I somehow network my PS2 to my Computer and play games off my PCs HDD? I'm getting sick of trying to use discs...

    Any help would really be appreciated. I'm getting sick and tired of this not working at all. I really thought that burning on -R discs would work after +R ones didn't...
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2013
  2. megadunderhead

    megadunderhead Regular member

    Jan 14, 2012
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    record at 4 x speed only do not record at anything higher it wont boot or give a proper burn

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