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Convert Video to XboX360 – Do It Yourself

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by fridy, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. fridy

    fridy Guest

    There are folks that always question about how to make movies and music videos playable on XboX360 from devise video formats. For most of us, it seems like an impossible mission. We were rushing out of getting a brand new video game console with guarantee to playing back all as XboX video, but depressed by some unables.

    From official site of XboX, we learned information as to the XboX360 that it supports such a bit of video formats as WMV, HD-WMV, H.264, and MPEG-4. It’s been said that if you got an Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable connected to your high-definition or HD-ready television or monitor, you can view DVD movies in 480p and HD-DVD movies in 480p, 720p, or 1080i, and view both DVD and HD-DVD movies in any supported resolution up to 1080p with an Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable. So we are informed with the resolutions support.

    As said in title, it’s totally easy to convert video files unsupported by XboX360 into an XboX360 supported HD-WMV file in 1080p, and you can do it yourself. After the installation of video converter software (due to my personal buying, I use Xilisoft Video Converter, a useful video converter you can download from http://www.xilisoft.com/downloads/x-video-converter.exe ), just get into the folder where you installed it (the path is usually specified at “C:\Program Files\Xilisoft\Video Converter 3” in default). Keep going into the “profile” folder, you will find a lot of files in extension of .pf. That is what we are looking for. Open anyone of them using EditPlus (a tool of text editor, you can get one from http://www.editplus.com) or with Notepad, the extra editor of Microsoft, all secrets and mysteries for video and audio conversion exposed in our eyes!

    The next action is a snap. Just right-click your mouse, select the sub-option “Text document” of “New” to make a new file in the “Profile” folder. Rename it as the extension in .pf, and open it up. The last thing you’re gonna do is just to paste all offerings marked in bold below into the new .pf file, and save the changes.

    Name=Xbox360 WMV 1080pTV Movie
    IsSysProfile	= yes
    t=0, "", ""
    ss=0, "", ""
    title=0, "", ""
    author=0, "", ""
    copyright=0, "", ""
    comment=0, "", ""
    album=0, "", ""
    year=0, "", ""
    genre=0, "", ""
    composer=0, "", ""
    origaritist=0, "", ""
    url=0, "", ""
    encodedby=0, "", ""
    id3v2=0, "", "True"
    vcodec=0, "", "wmv3x", {"wmv1x","wmv2x","wmv3x"}
    s=0, "", "1440x1080",{"640x480", "720x480", "1280x720", "1440x1080" , "1920x1080"}
    b=0, "", "2000", { "1000", "2000", "3000", "4000", "5000"}
    r=0, "", ""
    aspect=0, "", "4:3", {"4:3", "16:9"}
    sameq=0, "", ""
    vn=0, "", ""
    acodec=0, "", "wma7x", {"wma7x"}
    ab=0, "", "128"
    ar=0, "", "48000", {"48000","44100","32000","22050"}
    ac=0, "", "2 (Stereo)", { "2 (Stereo)" }
    an=0, "", ""
    Now, you would see a new output profile named Xbox_mpeg2_1080pTV presented in the Video Converter with a set of parameters available for XboX video size and bit rate, and audio sample rate. Is it amazing? You must be proud of that you Do-It-yourself!
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  2. batespcm

    batespcm Guest

    anyone tried this
  3. schweet

    schweet Guest

    Looks like spam to me...
  4. sarsss

    sarsss Guest

    not bad, a little bit useful, maybe a Sony Rep or a fan of xbox 360.
  5. fridy

    fridy Guest

    huh, i am not Sony rep, and i am not spam here, i just love xbox 360 , and only share sth related here.

    well,i feel it is necessary to share more output profiles of XboX360 video formats. Before more offering, I will give an explanation about what exactly the parameters I wrote in the last article stand for. I would show you an output profile of MPEG-2 video files in 1080p compatible for XboX360 video format as an example to give you my interpretation of them.

    Still marked in bold below:


    Name=Xbox360 MPEG2 1080pTV Movie
    IsSysProfile= yes

    t=0, "", ""
    ss=0, "", ""
    vcodec=READONLY, "", "mpeg2video"
    standard=0, "", ""
    s=0, "", "1440x1080",{"640x480", "720x480", "1280x720", "1440x1080" , "1920x1080"}
    b=0, "", "2000",{"1000", "2000", "3000", "4000", "5000", "6000"}
    r=0, "", "29.97", {"25", "29.97", "30"}
    aspect=0, "", "4:3",{"4:3", "16:9"}
    sameq=0, "", ""
    acodec=0, "", "ac3", {"mp2", "ac3"}
    ab=0, "", "384"
    ar=0, "", "48000", {"32000", "44100", "48000", "96000"}
    ac=0, "", "5.1",{"1", "2", "5.1"}
    an=0, "", ""


    Name : name of this profile showing in the Video Converter;
    SName : name of an input file showing under the “Target” tag;
    Format : encoding format or encoding system the profile adopted during conversion;
    ExtName : extension name of the profile;
    IsSysProfile=yes : a mark identify if the profile is one of combinations of this Video Converter made by Xilisoft (I recommend that you choose Yes, coz we create this new .pf file in a default folder Xilisoft specified);
    t=0, "", "" : stand for the whole time length of the output file;
    ss=0, "", "" : indicate the time point where the input file starts to be converted;
    vcodec=READONLY, "", "mpeg2video" : tell you what video codec this profile used from this program;
    standard=0, "", "" : NTSC and PAL, two main television broadcast standards of the world
    s=0, "", "1440x1080",{"640x480", "720x480", "1280x720", "1440x1080" , "1920x1080"} : list the resolutions the profile can output in; “1440x1080” means it’s displayed directly in the video size option section while you can also select the others, and it can be same in the case of that multiple numerical values in a bracket as follow;
    b=0, "", "2000",{"1000", "2000", "3000", "4000", "5000", "6000"} : video bit rate of the output file;
    r=0, "", "29.97", {"25", "29.97", "30"} : video frame rate of the output file;
    aspect=0, "", "" : the ratio of the longer dimension to the shorter one of the output video showing;
    sameq=0, "", "" : whether to keep the same audio quality of the input file or not;
    acodec=0, "", "ac3", {"mp2", "ac3"} : tell you what audio codec this profile used from this program;
    ab=0, "", "384" : audio bit rate of the output file;
    ar=0, "", "48000", {"32000", "44100", "48000", "96000"} : audio sample rate of the output file;
    ac=0, "", "5.1",{"1", "2", "5.1"} : types of soundtrack channel you can choose;
    an=0, "", "" : whether to disable the audio output or not;

    So that’s part of the explanations for the technical parameters I found, and glad to share with you. Just trust yourself that you can make it!
  6. lemonlee

    lemonlee Guest

    boring with the code
  7. MrXbox90

    MrXbox90 Guest

    And the reason you put the code in was???? This is spam, those xilisoft programs are garbage.

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