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(divx) AVI 2 DVD+R

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by GarrettR, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. GarrettR

    GarrettR Member

    Apr 16, 2003
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    How Can I convert a DIvx Movie to A .vob or a .m2v and burn it to a DVD+R I tried doing it with tmpeg enc it converted to .m2v with sound file. Tried burning it with Nero And it said SOme thing about the file being bigger then 2 Gigs and I couldn't burn it. I was wondering if there is a program that converts the files to .vob or A program that will let me burn the .m2v and audio file onto the disk without a hassle any help is appreciated Thanks.

  2. thingimij

    thingimij Guest

    you need to convert to vobs.

    either ifoedit or maestro will do it.

  3. LuNaTiC

    LuNaTiC Guest

    I've used Ulead MovieFactory2 in the past for this. It does all the transcoding for you but you must have the divx codecs installed on your system for it to work with this format.
  4. Yuriv

    Yuriv Regular member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    Do you guys generally put one DivX movie on one DVDr, or do you encode at a lower bitrate and put two DivX movies on one DVDr. Will the original DivX quality be maintained if I encode to VOB at a bitrate of, say, 2800 (so that about 200 mins will fit on one DVDr)?

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