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Don't chip your Slimline PS2 / PSTwo **READ THIS**

Discussion in 'PS2' started by BOUT2BUS, Jan 11, 2005.


    BOUT2BUS Guest

    Don't do it!!!!
    I came so close to paying some muppet 70 quid to put a chip in my new slimline. Most people now know all about Swap Magic 3.3 (from what I read here anyway), but there are still those of us who don't!
    I was so lucky to have found out about the slimtool and swap magic method, because I wasnt a member here at the time.

    [bold]Basically, just do what I did.
    Buy your Swap Magic disks and SlimTool Set from here:


    AND THATS IT!!!!!!
    I still have my warranty intact, and I can play all of my backups :)[/bold]

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    BOUT2BUS Guest

    The SlimTool means that you dont have to force anything.
    You clip it into the areas where your door sensors are so that your console thinks that the door is closed, allowing you to swap you your Swap Magic for your Backup.
    I leave the SlimTool in there, because you can still open and close the door as usual.

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