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DVD Movie backups won't play on PS2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by archieq, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. archieq

    archieq Guest

    I have a modded V4 PS2 and it won't play any of the movies I burned although all of these backups play in all of my stand alone players (Pioneer DVL-888, Daewoo DVD-5700, Pioneer DVF-727). I know that this particular PS2 model is not compatible with DVD+R(which came with my Dell) and so I got a DVD-R burner(Toshiba) to put on my other Dell. Like I said, all of my DVD backups + or - work on all my other machines except the PS2 so I thought it might be the brand. I'm using Ritek and last night I tried a different swap method to boot a backed up PS2 game on DVD-R and sure enough it worked! and so now I don't think it's the brand and I'm glad to know that I can really play backed up DVD-R games on it. But still, the problem is on the movies. I use DVD Decrypter, Derrow's DVD Split & DVD Burn(which uses Nero) on both my + or - burners. Since DVD Decrypter makes the rip "region free", I'm wondering if this is the problem since I heard the PS2 does not support DVD region free - or is it because DVD Split does not create the AUDIO_TS folder after the split process and so the burn won't have it on the media and the PS2 checks for this? I'm lost since like I said, all of these movies worked on all the other machines and now I just got the latest version of DVD Split and it finally creates the AUDIO_TS folder during the split process. Again, as I said, I've decided it's not the brand since I can play the game backups using the same media brand (Ritek DVD-R not +R since it's a V4 PS2) but not the movies (which I'm hoping it can since I use the PS2 on my Suburban during our long trips to play movies for the kids). Anybody have any idea about this?
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  2. SpDFrK54

    SpDFrK54 Member

    Dec 4, 2002
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    Just a quick question... I haven't started copying DVDs for my PS2 yet, but what is in your opinion the best DVD-ROM/DVD-R/DVD+R for ripping and writing?...

  3. Smartman1

    Smartman1 Guest

    Can i burn ps2 games with Panasonic DVD-R & DVD-RAM Recorder. It burns onto dvd-r discs. What else do i need in order to burn ps2 games and succesfully play them on my ps2?
  4. archieq

    archieq Guest

    I like my Toshiba but I'm not in the position to recommend it or any other brand. I just know that there's more compatibility with the -R than the +R with PS2 or any stand alone DVD players whether it's and old or newer model(also, the price of -R media is cheaper than the +R). I believe any brand DVD-R/RW burner will successfully do the job as long as you have the right software.
  5. BurnChamp

    BurnChamp Guest

    I was wondering if dvd+r or dvd+rw movies worked on v4 ps2 without a modchip.
  6. archieq

    archieq Guest

    I answered the question on another thread. But to repeat, only -R/RW movie backups on a V4 even without a modchip so don't buy a +R/RW drive and expect your backups to work on a PS2 V4. Also when you burn your backups make sure it has both the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. Otherwise, it won't play on the PS2 even if it plays on a stand alone player. If you need instructions on how to make movie backups, you should find the answers somewhere in these forums but not from me.
  7. archieq

    archieq Guest

    By the way, I would just like to say that after getting on these forums a short time, I never got any help and instead I ended up solving my own problems and helping some on the way. Just like on this thread, nobody had any solution for me and so I had to figure it out myself and instead everyone that got on this thread started asking questions, instead of helping solve the problem. Well to answer my own question, I found out that a movie backup should contain both AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. My first backups only had a VIDEO_TS folder and they played on stand alone players but not on PS2 and now that I've reburnt my backups with an AUDIO_TS folder also, they work on the PS2 and stand alone players. These forums are for give and take. As short as I've been on these forums, I've given and given and given. It's about time that I should be able to take some although based on what I've read, I haven't found any answers and suggestions that are more practical and simpler than what I'm already doing. In fact, it seems like most people are making DVD backups for movies or games a lot more complicated than it really is.
  8. BurnChamp

    BurnChamp Guest

    quit your bitchin and deal with it.

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