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DVDpro brand DVD-r's

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by gobama, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. gobama

    gobama Guest

    Hello all,

    I ordered a 100 pack of these DVDpro brand dvd-r's and got a really good price on them. $65. Now, my question is, are these good discs and do they work well for movies and PS2 games? I'm waiting on my Pioneer DVR-105 writer to come in, it's gonna be here Dec. 24th and I wanna make sure these discs will be ok :) thanks for any help you can provide
  2. infantino

    infantino Guest

    I answered another thread with the same response but I think it answers your question.

    I just bought the OEM Pioneer DVR-104 and have been doing research for these issues. Assuming the A05 encompasses greater compatibility than its predecessor the 104 or A04, I used:

    DVD Decrypter for ripping
    IFOEdit095 for editing and splitting
    RecordNow Max 4.10 for burning
    using DVDPro (Grade A) 4.7GB
    DVD-R Media Unbranded,
    White on top with
    Purple recording surface for General Use

    Got the media from meritline.com for $0.58 a piece. (I think it is only 1x recording though).

    It worked perfectly! I backed up The Lord of the Rings and even split it into two disks (it is a very long movie - 3hrs.) It played on my PC, my XBox, my buddy's PS2 perfectly.

    Email me if you want the burning process.

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