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DVD's taking 2:30 hours to burn, help!! :)

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by NEODARK1, Sep 24, 2004.


    NEODARK1 Member

    Sep 24, 2004
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    I have the MSI NEO2 bios 1.2 nforce drivers 5.10 (all the latest drivers, etc)

    system specs are:

    MSI NEO2 Platinum
    1gig PC3700EB
    Lite-ON LDW-811S DVD burner (latest firmware)

    In the device manager under IDE, on channel 1 where my HDD's are located I can select ATA5-100 which is fine, but under IDE2 where my CDRW and DVDRW are I can only select ATA2-33, nothing higher is present in the drop down menus, is this supposed to be that slow, do optical devices only run at ATA-33?

    I didnt see it as a problem until I started burning DVD's with my 8X burner and it took forever to burn with NERO 6 (2:30 hours on 1 disc when its normally 8 to 10 minutes) so I thought XP had perhaps changed my optical drives to PIO or something (im using the Nvidia SW-IDE driver)

    The nero buffer is reporting as being only at 6% when burning DVD's, it never errors out, but it takes 2:30 hours to burn a single layer DVD+R or DVD-R

    this only happens when burning DVD's as CDR's burn just fine at 40x with a full buffer showing in NERO, any ideas?

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  2. flip218

    flip218 Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    HD's do run faster than optical drives. For me my HD runs on DMA 5 and my optical drives run on DMA 2.

    Have you tried uninstalling the IDE cable, rebooting and letting XP reinstall it?

    When did you install Nvidia IDE driver? Have you tried uninstalling it?
  3. baabaa

    baabaa Active member

    Jan 7, 2003
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    I remember someone else had a problem with Nero and an Nvidia driver set with his devices.

    Here http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/109399

    He discovered that it was the Nvidia drivers causing the problem, so in line with what flip218 suggested, I would also uninstall the Nvidia drivers and just use the windows (XP) ones and see if this improves any..........
  4. The_OGS

    The_OGS Active member

    Feb 18, 2004
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    I have the nForce 5.10 package installed (nForce ATA controller v2.6), and DVD burns in 12 minutes @ 4x speed, Nero 6 of course.
    My Sony burner connects at Ultra DMA 2 = Ultra 33.
    Check that your DVD burner is master, and CD-RW is slave... or WTF, just pull the CD-RW :)
    What is it, an expensive PlexWriter or something?
    Lose it (even if only just to troubleshoot) and try your DVD-RW alone, as master on its own controller.
    The new nForce package is great - solved some little 'issues' I had with the previous v4.27

    Edit: Note that nVidia insists your virus protection be disabled whilst installing their driver packages, as it prohibits some drivers from configuring themselves properly.

    ABIT AN7 nForce2 Ultra 400
    XP2500+ Barton @ 3200+
    2 x 512MB PC3200[/small]
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