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"error writing disk"

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by KEN'S, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. KEN'S

    KEN'S Member

    Dec 7, 2003
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    I copied the chronicles of narnia dvd 1 yesterday and then tried to copy dvd 2 and ever since then I get the same error after I use x-press and it reads the dvd then tells me to insert blank media, then I immediately get error "error writing disk"
    IF I use the gold version it plays like it is doing the copy but gets the first track done and that is all.
    I have tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling everything but same exact results.
    have hp 3.0ghz processer, hp dvd c writer, 1 ghz ram and only 2 weeks old. I have copied quite a few dvd's prior to this happening.


    Hi Ken any joy on solving your problem with DVD X Copy Xpress Im having exactly the same problem. thanks
  3. Aussiecaz

    Aussiecaz Guest

    Hi Ken and Brandylee I'm having the same problem with Jurassic Park.
  4. dumbloude

    dumbloude Guest

    I have also the same write error. I was suggested by tech to take my external poineer d106 and install it the cpu. Made this drive master and the cd-rom slave.
    removed the last loaded icopydvds2 (really x-copy express)I went on to xcopy free update and was able to do a full install on icopydvd's (from 3.2.2 to 3.2.3)

    i cleaned out all temp, recyclew cache, and prefetch files.
    verified i have nothing else running that could any way cause the problem to skip or stop.

    After restarting xp two times (sometimes cache files don't like to get out on the first time restart.
    dvd43 installed and waiting.
    check to see if any tdf lines need to be used. (is it true when you have to run a burn with a tdf it always copy the movie only.????
    Picked a move with no tdf needed and states it uses REG 1. It takes 25 + minutes to rip this move and after i ensect a blank dvd type (beleave me i experimented with all media thing thew write error was with the disk) I receive message "write error" could not dontinue. then i go to eject the blank disk out of my burner the burner keeps. turns itself off and I have to unplug and plug back in to the cpu for it to release my dvd.

    Does this sould familiar to anybody???
    I have wasted countless hours burning movies and can never be able to writ the movie.

    Is some one out there is the big sceem of things that might have the "here is your problem and here is how you fix it" answer.
  5. reneru

    reneru Guest

    I personally have not had this problem but I am finding several people who do have the same problem with both X Copy and I Copy DVDs 2. I am trying to find the common factor. If whomever has a problem can send me the computer specs along with the media manufacturer (Memorex, Ritek, Verbatim, Fuji, etc.) it would help me to figure this out. You can email me the spec information at support@matrix-designs.com. Thanks to all and if someone comes up with an answer to this problem, please let me know also.
  6. reneru

    reneru Guest

    Found this information to pass on to people...maybe this will help you all.

    Please check your computer for the following software, as these programs can cause any number of problems when trying to copy your movies. InterActual Player and PC Friendly - These programs are made by the movie industry to hinder copying. These programs are DVD software viewers that often come on DVD movie discs, and will try to install themselves everytime you watch a movie on your computer. Please make sure to NOT let these install. Both programs interfere with I Copy DVD’s 2 software and should be un-installed from Add or Remove programs in control panel when found. In some cases, you will need to uninstall and reinstall our software to restore functionality after removing one of these. For more information about both players, visit http://player.interactual.com InCD,Veritas Record Now, DLA, B's Clip, DirectCD (component of EasyCDCreator), InstantRead/InstantWrite - Packet Writers. These programs can interrupt the burn merely by being installed. These software packages will load a packet-writing software that will constantly talk to your CD/DVD writer, and can cause a number of issues while trying to write a disc. Disabling this software is not enough, as a portion of this package is always running after you start windows. Spyware (example: Gator, NewDotNet, OfferCompanion) - These programs serve no good purpose. GoBack: backup software that constantly runs in the background (Terminate and Stay Ready) this needs not only to be turned off, but disabled. Unfortunately, this may cause some restore points to vanish, but it will free up a lot of hard drive space. For more information visit Symantec's web site for GoBack at http://www.symantec.com/goback/index.html McAfee Anti-Virus: This is anti-virus software that when running, can cause errors. It needs to be disabled by right clicking on the icon in the lower right side of the task bar. The software then needs to be restarted. Whenever you are using our software, McAfee needs to be disabled to ensure unrestricted access to your drive. For more info go to McAfee's website at http://us.mcafee.com/default.asp Norton Anti-Virus: This is anti-virus software that when running, can cause errors. It needs to be disabled by right clicking on the icon in the lower right side of the task bar and the automatic updates should be disabled. The software then needs to be restarted. Whenever you are using our software, Norton needs to be disabled to ensure unrestricted access to your drive. The Norton Website is http://www.symantec.com/ StopZilla: StopZilla can hinder required portions of our installer, causing the software to fail. Please completely disable StopZilla, then install our software. Once our software is installed, you may safely enable it again. If you have any difficulty using our software at a later time, you may need to disable StopZilla before going to use our software. Uninstallation is not required. MyStorageGuard: This backup software can hinder certain required files from being copied during the installation. Please disable this program before installing our software, and have it disabled any time you go to use our software. Uninstallation is not required. Napster 2.0: This software includes some basic burning software that can cause burning problems if it is running. You will need to close this program completely before trying to use our software. In some rare cases, you will need to completely uninstall this package to attain full reliability, so if disabling does not solve your issue, please try uninstalling this software, and try again. Easy CD Creator 4.x: Due to the age of this package, it is no longer updated by the authors. There are bugs present in this older system that will cause NUMEROUS problems on your machine, not just with our software. Please Uninstall completely, and consider either the new 6.x version from Roxio (http://www.roxio.com) or Nero 6.x (http://www.nero.com). These packages, installed without the Packet Writing software (DirectCD/Drag to Disk/InCD), all work very well together with our software. Please make sure to reboot if you remove any of these.

  7. jpuckett

    jpuckett Member

    Feb 27, 2004
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  8. Mentor11

    Mentor11 Guest

    I don't know what your problem is. I get the "error writing disc" message all the time with x copy express. If you hit "ok" on the error message, the disk should continue to burn. Despite the error message, the backup copy works just fine. Hope that helps.

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