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FIX ANY BROKEN PS2!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ramanr85, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. ramanr85

    ramanr85 Guest

    Hey recently my PS2 had a little accident and no longer seems to work..and I've noticed a lot of people have had problems with their ps2...my question is isnt it easier to like buy a brand new Ps2(from say Best Buy) then wrap ur broken Ps2 in the box and return it??? has anyone tried this and if so what happened???(I know this is very unethical but hey u gotta do what you gotta do right)
  2. hot6699

    hot6699 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    Tried it once and didn't work. They can tell the difference because of two things. If they are stupid all they have to do is check the inventory of the sold units and they can tell you that it's not the same. If they are half-smart, they will look at the unique serial number on the back and they will instantly be able to look on their system and see if it is the same. I know Gamestop does this and so do all it's affiliates. You can always try what you said but it's probably better if you have a friend sell the broken one to someone he's never known and won't see again and tell him he can take 25, 35, 50% of the profit. HEY! IT'S BETTER THAN NOTHING!
  3. TheAssman

    TheAssman Guest

    I had a dead ps2 after a bad mod install and luckily it was only 2 months old So I just returned the fusker to where I got it. I told them it kept freezing up on me and just wanted another one. I had a reciept and no questions were asked. Wrong to do I know but Sony and the place I got it from have LOTS more cash than I do.
  4. ramanr85

    ramanr85 Guest

    HAHA I agree with you...

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