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Got my Ritek Ridata Branded dvd's in, got a few questions

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by sjg1999xp, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. sjg1999xp

    sjg1999xp Guest

    Big Orange you have been a big help but if anyone can answer my questions or Big Orange it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. After I compressed and burned a dvd with shrink, can I just use dvd decypter to back up the burned movie I just burned since it is compressed already instead of using shrink 3.2 again?

    2.I burned 2 dvd's at 2x and the quailty is good now with my new Ritek Branded media, can I burn at 4x or should I even reduce to 1x, also I have the setting set to custom at 4300 for the disk size.

    3.I disbaled my norton virus and norton Internet software and exited all programs while backing up my dvd using shrink, does this need to be done or can I at least be on aol while I am burning dvd's?

    4.Under DVD shrink preferences, there are 3 boxes, do these need or not to be checked
    -Hide audio and subpicture streams of significat size
    -Automatically open video_ts subfolders
    -Run analysis and backup in low priority mode to improve mutitasking

    5. Under preview, should the directx video recorder have the system default renderer selected?

    6. Under output files using dvd shrink, should all 5 boxes be check off or which individual ones should?

    7. Under File/Io should all 5 boxes be check off or which individual ones should?

    8. Under backup dvd option, should I have checked the option to perform a deep analysis while burning and also should I check teh option for compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation and if I do select that which option shoudl I slect or just stay with the sharp(default option)?

    9. under options should I run the backup in low priority mode?

    10. Under burn speed it seems that thr fastest I can do is 2.4x, should there be a 4x there? Also should I select the option to burn at least 30mm dvd+r/rw high compatibility mode?

    I hope this isn't too many question, it is just very frustarting burning something and for it not to work right, I think the media change made the difference but these few questions I am also unsure about. Thanks again, Steve
  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi there Steve, I hope I don't let you down -

    Anyway, let's get started:

    The answer to that is Yes. Use DVD Decrypter in the ISO read mode first and then use ISO write to burn to disc. Your copied movie is the correct size and can be burned with any burning engine, Nero is always a choice by copying disc to disc you can do "On the fly" copying (meaning you needn't copy it to your HD as you will if you use DVD Decrypter).

    There is nothing at all wrong with your DVD Shrink custom size setting, leave it alone.
    Now that you're using the "Good stuff" media, there's no reason why you shouldn't burn at 4X.. We recommend burning at a slower speed as a help for pple who are using crappy media as a way to cut down on coasters.

    I have a Pioneer 107 8X but I don't burn at 8X because that IS too fast and leads to a greater chance of errors. 4X is the best neighborhood to be in :)

    I don't know what your PC's specs are but you should be able to keep your Norton on track. At least try it, - without allot more info I can't say for sure.

    AFA being on AOL, I like to keep clear of my system while burning. If you wish to try it, make sure you select DVD Shrink to run in the "Low Priority Mode". Still there's no guan tree you won't burn coasters if you multi-task.

    Box # 1 Needs to be clear.

    ddlooping was available and says,

    The answer for the last two boxes - Yes, they should be ticked.

    If you have a working preview screen, let it alone. If you have NO Preview screen, try selecting "Built-in software Renderer" and that should give you a working screen.

    I recommend "ticking" the top 4 and leaving the bottom one "un-ticked".

    The top three should be ticked, only "Tick" the Nero box [bif you want to burn with Nero[/b].
    Many pple like to burn with DVD Decrypter OR CopyToDVD and to use them as default burners, the fourth box needs to be clear.

    The last box is for those using +R and +RW media. If you are using Plus R or Plus RW then "Tick" that box.

    If you are compressing over 15% I suggest that you use the Deep Analysis.
    For Quality enhancements I suggest you consider Maximum smoothness when the video contains misty, Smokey or fire type scenes. For older films and B&W's try Maximum Sharpness for a better end results. Otherwise trust the default settings. They are your settings, play with them and decide for yourself.

    This question has already been answered. "Tick" it.

    I wish you would have posted that information earlier. Having a DVD disc that is a 4X doesn't mean your burner can burn at that speed. When your choice is only 2.4X that is because your burner with it's current software can only burn at that speed. See if there is a newer firmware update, it may increase your burning speed.

    As for your question,
    Originally posted by dvdshrink
    Enable overlapped I/O

    DVD Shrink was released with all file/disc access in overlapped I/O mode: this, according to the Microsoft documentation, provides "maximum asynchronous performance".

    It turned out to be a bad decision because some virtual DVD drive sofware, DVDRegionFree among them, crashed out when a drive was accessed in this mode. So lots of people couldn't use DVD Shrink anymore.

    I fixed this by restoring the original synchronous file access mode in later versions of DVD Shrink, but since the code was there, I left the overlapped I/O as a preference option. To be honest, I never noticed any difference in performance with overlapped I/O enabled or disabled, so perhaps the Microsoft statement was incorrect.

    Read 32KB blocks

    DVD Shrink normally accesses your drive in chunks of 64KB (32 sectors) at a time, this option sets the chunk size to 32KB (16 sectors), which means more reads, but each read is smaller and faster.

    This may make a difference when DVD Shrink is in ASPI mode under Windows98: apparantly some drives prefer 32KB access, or may be unable to deliver 64KB in one read.

    I never found a case where it was necessary to enable this option, nor did I notice any performance difference from doing so. Note that DVD Decrypter has the same "transfer length" option in the I/O settings, the default value in this case is 32KB.

    In short, neither option is very useful.

    I'd suggest you try with "Enable overlapped I/O" checked, and see if it increases rip speed, and leave "Read 32KB blocks" unchecked unless you experience problems.

    3) Running DVD Shrink in low-priority mode has no effect on the burn quality.
    Its main function is to allow for smoother multi-tasking while DVD Shrink analyses/processes the files.
    It is not recommended to multi-task while burning, so whether you use it or not shouldn't matter then.

    4) Unless you intend to burn less than 1GB this option has no effect.
    If you do burn less than 1GB, I'd recommend you leave it checked, just to diminish risks of incompatibilities.

    5) The DVD-ROM option is to be used when burning to DVD+R(W).
    It will increase compatibility with some set-top players.

    As a rule Steve we do like pple to at least try something on their own and then come to us when they encountyer problems.

    Cheers then,


    The “old man” Pete (ö¿ô)
    Compaq 8000, Pent IV CPU 2.84GHz, 1024MB RAM, 520GB HD.
    Pioneer 107, 8X R/W , Nec R/W ND-1300A, JLMS DVD ROM.
    128MB GeForce4 TI 4200, O/S XP[/small]
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2004
  3. sjg1999xp

    sjg1999xp Guest

    Scuba Pete, you are the man and I thank you for the info. It seems like is was a media issue but I am able to burn now using shrink with great quality. My one last question is I am trying to burn on the fly with nero express 6. When I try to burn it is saying that the blank does not have enough space when all I am trying to burn is a burned movie already that is already compressed by dvd shrink, have you ever heard of this problem. Thanks again, Steve
  4. sjg1999xp

    sjg1999xp Guest

    Also, when I save a movie from dvd decypter to my hard drive it puts 2 files in the folder that I use to store the backup. One is the .mds file that I know to use when I am using dvd dvypter from hard drive to media but it also puts a separate image file along with the .mds file that says ezcd creator image file. I use ezcd creator 5 platinum to backup my music cd's, can I use this program to backup dvd's on the fly after they are compressed by dvd shrink or can I burn that image file that was saved on my hard drive by dvd decypter onto the blank dvd and be able to watch it? Thanks, Steve
  5. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi Steve,

    To tell the truth, Roxio causes so much trouble with other DVD backup proggys we generally remove it from the PC and even that has to be done with special proggys because Roxio has so many "tangles" all over the place.

    I know how you must feel reading this because I even bought the expansion program to do my music and was pissed because I had to trash Roxio.

    At any rate, to answer your question, Nero and Roxio cannot exist together 95% of the time. I have talked to an extremely few pple who have them both and experience no problem BUT as I've said, 95% of the time, if you want Nero, Roxio has to go.

    To remove Roxio go to Start, All Programs, Roxio, and then Roxio uninstall. When that's finished you need to run Roxio zapper to clean out all the crap left or Nero still won't run right.

    Find it here:


    You can run all of your music stuff through Nero.
    (Yea, I did love Roxio for my music too -

    Sorry for the bad news -



  6. sjg1999xp

    sjg1999xp Guest

    Scuba Pete, I have to leave Roxio on my PC because I share it with someone else that loves Roxio, is there another option to burn the compressed media on the fly. Also, after the files are stored in my folder from dvd shrink, is there away to just open up those files with decypter and burn instead of having to copy the compressed disk to my hard drive with decypter? Thanks again
  7. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Sorry - the only thing I can think of is to turn Roxio off in msconfig. That way your friend could have it, it would just take 5 or 10 seconds for it to load up the first time.

    Other than that, prepare yourself for coasters and no Nero for you :(

    Yes DVD Decrypter will work if you save your DVD Shrink to your HD in an ISO Image. That way and only that way -
    Roxio just won't play with others, there's no other way to say it.

    Try the msconfig route -



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