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[Guide] Video Folders in 3.30 and higer, plz post. [Tutorial]

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by alaa_sdk, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. alaa_sdk

    alaa_sdk Member

    Nov 26, 2006
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    Hi all,

    Pre topic:
    * if there is any adds to this topic plz say it to make full guide.
    * please if there is any mistakes in this topic plz post it.
    * sorry for my bad english.

    INTRODUCTION (important to read):
    when the firmware 2.81 -i think- realesed from sony with the video folder, i read that the video folder supports only the
    mpeg4 and not support for the AVC. for this thing i decided to stay in coping my movies in the MP_ROOT folder. in
    some day when i am in 3.03 or 3.10 (i can remeber) i got a video file from the internet. i tried to copy this file to the 2
    folders of the MP_ROOT and the psp still says unsupported data. i tried to copy this video to the VIDEO folder and it
    done so i surprised in this time.
    when the 3.30 realsed with "support for MPEG-4/H.264 720x480, ...... and the basic resolution in the video folder" i
    was so happy for this good news so, i thinked that i can delete my MP_ROOT folder and copy all my videos in VIDEO
    folder and live in the freedom of names resolution and other good things....
    BUT i copied some videos from my ANV folder in the MP_ROOT folder that contains the AVC video files to the
    VIDEO folder in the root of the memory stick and the surprise is the appearing of the msg unsupported format. what is
    that, how can i know the real places, how..., where..,
    so i tried many and many tries of coding mpeg4 and avc files with many resolutions and tried to copy in the VIDEO and
    MP_ROOT folders and here is the final image i got (but i think with some losses) so i want from anyone that have any
    information in this topic to post it:

    RESULTS (in 3.30):

    1- MP_ROOT
    a. ***MNV** [where * is any number]
    this folder contains _MPEG4_ files with the file name M4V*****.MP4 [where * is any number]
    b. ***ANV** [where * is any number]
    this folder contains _H.264 MPEG-4 AVC_ files the resoultion of the files max. 320x240 (but batched to run 480*272 in the 3.03oe-b) with the file name MAQ*****.MP4 [where * is any number]

    2- VIDEO
    this folder contains MPEG4 files (any resolution) with ur custom name (i mean no standards in naming).
    and alse contains AVC files but from the resoution 480*272 to 720x480 only not lower that this resoution -also with ur custom name-.


    1- if u have MPEG4 video with any resolution copy it to VIDEO folder, or in MP_ROOT\***MNV**\M4V*****.MP4
    2- if u have AVC with resolution 320x240 or lower copy it to MP_ROOT\***ANV**\MAQ*****.MP4
    3- if u have AVC with resolution 480*272 or higher copy it to VIDEO folder.
    [where * is any number in 1,2]

    ++ If u want to check the video files (encoding, resolution,...) u can use "GSpot", i can upload it if any one wants it..
    ++ if u faced file with extention .pmp so u have to download PPA of PMP homebrew players to play this file from them, but u must put ur files in the folder ms0:\PSP\VIDEO\FileName.PMP
    ++ if u want to convert videos to 480*272 or higer res., i prefere to use Xvid4PSP OR PSPVIDEO9 v.2.17 BETA.
  2. totenkoph

    totenkoph Guest

    good post, took me days to figure this out by myself
  3. alaa_sdk

    alaa_sdk Member

    Nov 26, 2006
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    is it good to be sticky ??

    but i wanna know y there is no posts till now !!!

    is it bad??
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