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(HELP) I Need help with Ps2 instalation

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by sprawl1, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. sprawl1

    sprawl1 Guest

    Is there any one out there who can provide a website that has a guide for (STUPID PEOPLE) like myself on how to install modchips..

    I have 3 Ps2 that need chipping and they are V4 - V7 - V10 so I am buying the 3.2 modchips from the net but need help ohhhh soooo badly...
  2. bboy_flex

    bboy_flex Regular member

    Jun 24, 2004
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    Alrite first lets start with the chip your getting. I suggest getting either a matrix infinity or a duo 2 SE. The matrix infinity has more functions but the duo 2 is cheaper. Next you need to get the proper tools.

    15W soldering iron with 0.1mm tip
    30 awg kynar wire
    22 awg wire for ground and v3.3 connections
    a magnifying glass
    rosin-core solder
    a sponge to clean the iron tip
    rubbing alcohol(to clean points)
    A lot of time on your hands

    Most importantly you must understand where to solder and its best to practise on old computer motherboards before actually attempting the mod. Remeber hold the iron tip to the place where your soldering for no longer than 1-2 seconds otherwise you can burn out your ps2 motherboard.

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