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Help! Swapmagic slidetool won't work

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by wargamer, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. wargamer

    wargamer Guest

    Hi, I am having such a hard time trying to use this bastard of a thing the Swapmagic 3.0's slidetool!. I've tried exactly what i have read somewere else in this forum and I just cannot get it to bring the disc tray out!!!. Grr can anyone help me out here!.

  2. 2kwic

    2kwic Guest

    I got this from a web site hope this work because it worked for me

    Slide Card Installation guide:

    This instruction guide assumes that the Front Cover of your Playstation2 has been removed already. Now, you can follow this instruction guide step by step and play your backups in no time afterwards!

    Step 1 - Start Swap Magic
    1. Turn on the PlayStation2, and then insert
    Swap Magic Bootdisc CD or DVD version in
    accordance with what type of backup you are
    about to play. Please wait for the screen to
    show "Insert Disc".

    Step 2 - Slide Tray Open
    1. Insert the Slide-Tool UNDER the tray on the
    LEFT side. To make go in smooth, leave about
    2cm gap on the far left.
    2. Slide your Tool gently to the RIGHT keeping a
    firm grip. You will feel a little resistance, don't
    worry, keep sliding and the tray will come out
    a little automatically.
    3. Now, it is ready to be pulled fully out. Pull it out
    all the way gently.

    Step 3 - Swap Discs & Close
    1. Remove the Swap Magic Boot Disc, and insert your backup disc.
    2. Push the tray all the way back in. To make it slide easier, you can do this on the left side of the tray.

    Step 4 - Slide Back
    1. Now, it is time to make the final Slide!! Insert the Slide-Tool to the left same as Step 2.1.
    2. Gently slide the Slide-Tool all the way to the RIGHT again. Please note - when the tray
    comes out a little automatically - release the pressure on the Slide-Tool and continue to
    Slide the Tool to the far right. (It moves around a little bump and grabs like a hook.)
    3. Make sure the Slide-Tool is fully to the right and inserted properly.
    4. Now, slide the Tool gently all the way to the LEFT - the tray will be closed completely.
    Then, you can take out the Slide-Tool.
    5. Press X on joypad - and you are playing your backup.

    The manufacturer of this instruction guide can not in anyway is held responsible for any
    damage caused by "Removal of the Front Cover" or "Use of Slide-Tool" to the user's
    console system. This method is not approved or endorsed by Sony.


    Front Cover Removal
    In order to make the Slide-Tool workable, please remove the front cover of the cd/dvd drive firstly. There is no need to open the console because
    it is "clipped" on from the outside.

    Step 1 - Remove Screw
    1. Turn on your PlayStation2 and press the
    eject button, then the tray comes out.
    2. Let the tray stay out, and turn OFF the power
    on the backside of your PlayStation2
    (rocker switch). This would make the console
    without power and keep the tray still out.
    3. Turn around the console, and put it onto a table
    with good light for work.
    4. Now, you can unscrew / remove the tiny screw
    on the back of the tray.(There is no screw for SCPH-5000X, pls go to step 2) If you feel it is stuck
    really tight, it should not be a problem.
    Get a good screwdriver.

    Step 2 - Remove Cover
    1. Use the smallest screwdriver you can find, or
    get a pin. The cover is "clipped" on in right and
    left side of the tray. Please be carefully!! The
    clips on the tray holding the cover can be
    broken easily. You just have to expand is about 0.5 millimeters in each side at a time, so
    that it comes right off.
    2. When you see / find the clips, put the screwdriver or pin down and twist a little -- while
    pulling gently in the cover. It comes off.
    Hints: If you are worried about it, you can heat up the plastic materials a little using a blow dryer so
    it will become more flexible. If it broke up, don't be frustrated - a little super glue can turn around the

    Step 3 - Replace Screw (This step is not necessary for SCPH-5000X)
    1. It's time to replace the screw you removed before. Easily, reinstall it.
    2. Now, the Slide-Tool is ready for use.
    3. You will find the Front Cover can be reattached easily whenever you want!

    The manufacturer of this instruction guide can not in anyway is held responsible for any
    damage caused by "Removal of the Front Cover" or "Use of Slide-Tool" to the user's
    console system. This method is not approved or endorsed by Sony.

  3. wargamer

    wargamer Guest

    Yeah i did manage to get it to work just after i posted this thread aha. But it makes such an awfully loud whir and vibrates like hell!!!. Strange eh, has anyone else had the same thing?.
  4. jonjakjam

    jonjakjam Regular member

    May 19, 2004
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    sounds like your using the slide card to eject while the cd is still spinning? You have to wait until the cd stops then use the slide card.
  5. 9114619

    9114619 Member

    Sep 8, 2004
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    Left right, left right... Left != Right
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2004

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