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Hi! Can anyone help me choosing out modchip for me? ^_^

Discussion in 'PS2' started by mkf007, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. mkf007

    mkf007 Guest

    Hi all, I am James. I am just a newbie here. It's kinda hard to find this huge nice forum all about PS2. (It's so cool!!) Ok, skip the word. Here is my question.

    I have a SCPH 30001R (V5/V6), I am wondering which modchip is (just fine) for my PS2 because I am not a modchip tester. I just want to play DVD backup like original game, that's all! ^_^ I have noticed Messiah 2 Pro 1.30 is very good, but I wonder is 1.22 or 1.07 is already good enough for me. I am not so sure about Magic and other chips yet. (SKip the slidecard or swap method ways) (I need some recommendation with reliable modchip and modchip installation guide as well :)) Anyway, Have anyone heard of (X-chip)?? It has been released in China for a period of time and it's as good as messiah and the price is very cheap. (unfortunately I can't find X-chip in US website) TOo bad.

    In addition, can anyone provide me with the cheapest modchip website to get modchip from? There are Hong Kong website which selling like $15 for a messiah 2 Pro chip. ^O^ but I think it will be heavy shipping. .. so please leave me some hint to get modchip online or in New York. I really appreciate your greatest help~~

    P.S. I went to a store and asks for PS2 mod prices, they charges me for $100 for installation of Magic 3.0, do u think it is too expensive? Any advise are welcome. ^_^

    Thank you for all.
  2. mkf007

    mkf007 Guest

    By the way, can anyone tell me how to identifly Clone Modchip??? I dunno which website is selling real thing and which is not. Plus I dunno will Clone Modchip damage PS2 system. Thanks

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