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How to create a Pandora's Battery and Slim MS without a Fat PSP

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by PSPgamen, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. PSPgamen

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    Nov 25, 2007
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    I got a few PM's asking if this can be done and if so how did I do it? Yes it works as my Slim PSP is now running on M33 3.71 and I love it. This was also upgraded on Sony Official firmware 3.6, not sure if it will work if you updated to Sony official 3.71.

    First make your pandora battery without Phat PSP.

    For full tutorial/how it works and credit to whom discovered this go here:

    BenHeck Forums

    I went to WalMart and purchased a 3.6v 2200mAh battery (since this is the only one they had) about 37 bucks. First open the battery with small flat head screw driver by prying around the battery to snap it open. Becareful around the end that makes contact in the PSP as its directly connected to the pcb board on top of battery.

    The top part of the battery should come off, take your time to make sure not to damage pcb at top and battery cells inside.

    The newer batteries and the 2200mAh has a smaller pcb at the top then the forum at benheck forums depict but it has the same chip that needs to be altered. It has a C04 printed next to it on the pcb. I heated mine up with a soldering iron then lifted it with a tip of a razor blade, then removed it completely from the ic chip as I dont intend to use it as a normal battery. You may solder the leg back and use it as normal battery if you wish.

    The battery is now a Pandora Battery (click BenHeck link for info on how it works). To verify this just pop it into slim psp without memory stick and see if power lights up green if so its working.

    Making the Slim Magic Memory Stick

    I used the Sony Pro Duo 1gig stick that came with my Daxter pack. You can use any Pro Duo as long as its under 4 gig, 256/512/1 gigs work great. I won't go into detail on fake Pro-Duo's etc.. just make sure its a genuine pro-duo stick.

    You will need to use a Pandora GUI there is a couple out there this is the one I used.

    Pandoras GUI 1.5 Thread

    I ran the GUI with my Memory Stick reader. If you are doing this with your PSP you will need to remove the stick and reboot the PSP after each step.

    Make sure you're on the Pandoras Battery Tab.

    First load the 1.5 firmware either on your hard drive or download it with direct link in GUI.

    Make sure your PSP Memory stick drive letter is selected. Mine was H: but yours might be different. Click PSP/GAME since your psp slim is on standard sony firmware.

    Format the Memory Stick with step 1 on GUI.

    Copy pandora box files to Memory Stick.

    Step 3 on GUI is not required as this runs pandora battery installer on phat psp and you already have a hardware modded battery.

    Last write IPL to memory stick. This puts the IPL and makes the memory stick bootable when psp goes into service mode.

    Next click on the Slim and Lite tab at top.

    Load 3.40 and 3.50 firmware updates. Either from hard drive again or direct downloads.

    Stage 1 should be set if you just performed Pandoras Battery tab section. If not make sure the PSP drive letter is set on Pandora Battery tab.

    Press the copy files button on stage 2. This copies the m33 3.6 firmware to your memory stick. This will put them in the correct directories and names for you.

    Stage 3 you cannot run since you will need a phat psp to copy these required files over. This is what had me stumped for a while. When I tried to boot the psp with the memory stick made with this GUI and the pandora battery it would go green but the memory stick would not be accessed. You will need to get the kd and registry directories from someone who has made a Slim magic memory stick. I asked around and got these and this was what was missing, I am sure if you 'google' or ask nicely someone will send these too you.

    Update: Kd and Registry Files courtesy of Mexi_chino.

    These are the necessary .prx .dregs etc.. that need to be accessed on boot up. The GUIs do not create these, I tried a few other GUIs as well none of them did. After I just copied these to the root of my memory stick, I replaced the pandora battery in the slim and WHOLA the memory stick was accessed and the psp shut down after a few seconds. You will not see anything on your screen as the 1.5 kernel does not display on new slim screen. The only way you can tell its working is orange MS access light and green light turning off. Then its safe to replace your battery with a standard one and reboot psp.

    Enjoy your home brew. This is my first attempt to describe how to get this working so there may be parts I need to edit to describe better, but it drove me nuts for 8 hours to figure how to get a slim flashed with M33 firmware without a Phat PSP. With the hardware mod battery, it was now possible to flash without a Phat psp with just a few files and programs.

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  2. larrylje

    larrylje Active member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    Allot of hassle to go through when you can use an easy installer to accomplish the same thing.

    For future reference you can use this guide HERE to simplify everything you have done above.


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