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I'm new please help. I need more memory

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by Tallula, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Tallula

    Tallula Guest

    My computer only has (M.tec PC133 128mb) memory card and i want more.What Info do you need from my computer where do i find it to tell you? I need to know how much more memorry my computer can take to up grade. I have 2 slots one with memory slot full with the 128mb and one empty. Can I buy a 256mb card thingy and put that in along with the 128mb making it 384mb or what? will i be better just buying another 128 and slipping that in along side the other one? making it 256mb I live in scotland. A lot of you seem to be from the USA.I hope you can still help me thanks
  2. Divinus

    Divinus Guest

    Tallusla, I'm gonna guess that if your computer came with 128MB Ram it doesn't support DDR. You should be able to get another PC-133 Memory stick fairly cheap. I'd just go ahead and get a 512MB stick unless you're really on a budget.

    Yes, you could add an additional 128MB, 256MB, or 512MB stick beside it and it should be fine.

    Just make sure not to get DDR memory as it will not fit into your motherboard slot. I believe DDR is 184 pin and SDRam is 168.

    Also, as to where to buy it. I'm not sure since I live in the USA. I always shop from newegg.com though. Although I'm not sure what knid of deals they have for shipping on people that live in Scotland.

    Hope that helps you.
  3. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    what is the make & model of your motherboard as you can also have ddr ram in it as i've upgraded an emachine computer with 128meg ddr to 256meg ddr. looking at sdram module you'll notice there is 2 notches in the bottom of modules whereas ddr only has 1 notch. also depends whether you can use double side ram(chips on both sides of module) or single sided ram because if you buy double sided sdram but board only capable of single sided ram will only read half of ram(128 instead of 256meg). check your motherboard manual as info should be there

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