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ISO's don't show up!!

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by teamc, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. teamc

    teamc Guest

    PSP INFO: I have a TA-082....3.03 OE-C psp with absolutely no emulators or anything on the psp...i only have the custom firmware.

    PROBLEM: i have downloaded a complete umd rip of scarface and have extracted the file. i then opened the newly made scarface folder (after extraction process)opened up its ISO folder....found the scarface.cso file....and then made a copy of that over to my psp's root memory stick under the folder ISO. (f:/ISO/scarface.cso). i then disconnected my usb cable...went over to my PSP...under the "game" icon.....went down to "memory stick" (where supposedly the scarface game should be) and continually get the message "There are no games".....evrytime i do this...i have a UMD in teh drive. i have absolutely no idea what to do because everywhere i look it says "oo..just move .iso file to ISO folder...and your good to go"...this obviously isnt my case.....if someone could help me out..it would be greatly appreciated....maybe someone could tell me what files they have on their 3.03 OE-C psp?....what configurations they have (in recovery mode)?....so i could replicate what works for them? thanx!
  2. teamc

    teamc Guest

    I forgot one point....my psp's current configuration is:

    Skip SCE - Enabled
    Hide corrupt icons - enabled
    game folder - 1.50 kernel
    autorun - disabled
    use no-umd - disabled
    fake region - disabled
    free umd region - enabled

    Advanced Configuraton....
    everything is disabled

    Toggle USB....
    usb enabled

    and ps...this is for a 3.03 OE-C psp.....somebody please help!! this is killing me!!
  3. dangwoot

    dangwoot Member

    Jul 13, 2006
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