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Just dowmloaded Shrink but i can't find it?

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by munie1, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. munie1

    munie1 Guest

    That's a great start. Ok! When it downloaded, it opened up the Stuffit Program and i think in went there, why i don't know? I never use stuffit and i don't know what it's for? but im guessing something to do with compression! I need help to get started. My goal is to rip my personal movies to my PC and convert "shrink" it so i can upload it to my smartphone to view. Now i think i can use another program for the convert to 3GPP for the phone,as people at the Cingular forums have done it, but if Shrink works, then less trouble? I need all the help i can get, this will be my first DVD Rip/Burn. Thanks All!
  2. onya

    onya Guest

    If your using WinXP, go start..search then use the wizard to enter the info for eg; files and folders then enter dvd shrink drive C then go.

    After it's done the file path is displayed. Take note of this and go and retrieve it. It sounds like you downloaded a .zip file (compressed as you said). Open it manually by right click on the .zip and open with (choose the app, then install in drive "C"/: program files. thats it. :)

    See how you go.

  3. munie1

    munie1 Guest

    thanks, ill give it a try. But..... I just read a couple of threads down on how do i burn? and i also went to get the download for that and it reads Decrypter, Anydvd and the other one is no longer available? So what do we do now? That makes "DVD Shrink" Obsolete!
  4. onya

    onya Guest

  5. munie1

    munie1 Guest

    Thank you for the link! but i need alittle help with Clone DVD Mobile! I used clone 2 and anydvd to rip my movie but insted of clicking the write button to copy, i clicked on dvd files and sent it to windows media player so i can sync it to my phone but can't seem to get it to drag over to the sync pane. After it was converted to 3GP the program said finished and that was it, nothing else to click on except close! You would think it would take you to a window to now start syncing to your device? Do you know how to get it out of there to sync?
    Than's Again!
  6. onya

    onya Guest

    I missed that point entirely, My appologies for that, I SAW "DVD" and "RIP" and "SHRINK" and by all accounts went into a knee jerk reaction! A switch to decaffe wouldn't hurt...lol

    Short answer...no. But stay tuned, others may post :)

  7. munie1

    munie1 Guest

    OK! I had to re-download Shrink! Now it's on my desktop.
    1 down 299 to go! LOL

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