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Lotsa specific questions that the faq didn't help me with.....

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Shauk, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Shauk

    Shauk Guest

    I have high regards for the people on this forum, I've always been able to find a ton of information when it comes to CD-R/DVD-R information.

    I've been reading forums that are "specifically" for ps2 modding, but they are highly unfriendly, some do not accept hotmail or gmail addresses in registration (yeah hi, we share our lan connection, theres only one email address here, I have my own web based for this reason) Generally, I'm posting here to avoid the elitist attitudes of childish superiority complexes. (yes, that means I like you guys)

    Well now I'm diving off the deep end here so I have a lot of questions. And Im going to mark my assumptions with * marks so you guys can tell me if im on the right track or not.

    1st, let me describe what I have and what am trying to achieve.

    I have:
    a PS2
    A hard drive (WD800JB) 80G 7200 8mb cache
    the network adapter (will be modded for the drive to fit)
    A LAN with a router that has a port ready for the PS2.

    and really, thats it.

    What I want to be able to do is use my PC to store ISO's of the games I have, I have seen some programs that enable the PS2 to have files transferred to it over the network

    So *it should be possible to take my game, use dvd decrypter etc.. get an ISO that can be loaded to the PS2 Hard Drive over the LAN, and be able to play it from there.* <-marked as assumption.

    Here are all my assumptions.
    *I will not need a mod chip
    *I will need to have a Bootable CD for the PS2 that will enable me to format the hard drive into the PS2 File System as well as manage the ISO's (HD Loader?)

    Heres where my confusion comes in.
    Doing my research, I found an FTP ability for the PS2 using something called "FAPlink" I'm not sure how to get downloadable programs onto the PS2 harddrive.. this is what I need help with.

    Right now there is nothing on the drive, its not even formatted.
    So lets say I install it, boot up using something like HDLoader, then what? how do I get the FTP functionality up so that I may transfer the ISOs?

    I may have more questions after this one gets answered :p

    A lot of confusion that comes with all the online tutorials I find seem to tell me to run programs and such on the PS2, but I'm not aware of how this is done. So.. yeah. Help? :D


  2. Ag3ntNe0

    Ag3ntNe0 Guest

    You are tryin to boot up isos over hdloader? Or did I not understand that right?

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