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Messiah Chip doesn't works well with GS2 V2 ( burned games )

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ymk, May 11, 2003.

  1. ymk

    ymk Guest

    I got a strange problem of using GS2 V2 for cheat codes (not for booting)with the messiah chip in my PS2.
    It works well with the Original Discs; however, it doesn't work with those Burned DVDs or CDs. Can anybody solve this problem?
    (I would like not to use Action Replay or Code Breaker, because most of the codes online are for GS.)
    Thanks for your concern.
  2. ymk

    ymk Guest

    For my problem is.....
    After I selected cheat code in GS2 V2 and put the DVDs or CDs on the tray, I press X and press the open button and let the disc reads. For those Original Discs, they can be read probably with the codes on. However, the PS2 will be freezed if I put the Burned Discs.
    Does Messiah chip do not support GS2 V2 with Burned Discs? What can I do? How about get the newest version of GameShark? or other methods? Please help me!!!

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