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modded PS2 V10 can't use gameshark?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by skyee, May 9, 2004.

  1. skyee

    skyee Guest

    Hello all,
    I digged really deep in this forum, and I have tried many many different things, but still not abe to use gameshark....

    My mahcine is a PS2 V10 with magic V (I believe it is Magic V 5K6). Even though the modchip said it is "Gameshark2 Ready"... but it's not really the case.

    The one I started to work on is Gameshark2 V3, like 1 or 2 thread I've seen in this forum, where they have the same situation like me: GS2 V3 loaded, then I loaded the cheat code, pressed "start game", the tray pop-out, I put in my DVD-R game, then it stopped there....

    Xplorer does not work, SWap-disk trick neither... (I saw a thread saying SW3.0 --> cd loader --> GS2 V3 --> DVD-R, but I think this is way only for non-mod mahcine though)

    AHHHH.... can anyone expert give me a final answer, telling me PS2 V10 with Magic V, so far has no "enhance" DISK can be used on it?

  2. account

    account Guest

    i dont think you can use a backup gs for cheats with your backups.and you where doing the swap trick wrong it goes sm cd> gs> sm cd> cd loader> however you would play you game from there and that works perfect.
  3. skyee

    skyee Guest

    thankx for the reply

    1) you said I can't use backup GS, is that mean if I use original GS2 V3 it would work?

    2) Sorry I haven't write the prcedure correctly, but I'm sure I was trying the way the thread said, SM--> CD loader --> GS2 V3 has no problem, only when from GS2 V3 --> no matter what (SM or cd cd loader or DVD-R or original game), IT FAILED.

  4. account

    account Guest

    the original should work but im not too sure because i have a version 7 and my backup of it works fine so im not sure since i dont have the version 9.

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