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My PS2 doesn't read my discs like it used to?

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by wargamer, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. wargamer

    wargamer Guest

    I am not sure why?, but I have noticed with my PS2 lately, when i play a game, even original discs the laser seems to be offtrack? when reading, would it be out of sync or somthin??. Could it be tha laser?,
    I use Swapmagic 2.0 to play backups. The SM Cd version doesn't work well, and i'm woried if i do use it cause it makes a clicking back and forth sound a bit?!. Would there be any chance of damaging the laser by using the SM CD?.

    Is it Media?, I have used 2 different types of DVD media for my games, most are on TDK Dvd+R burned at 2x, and the rest of my games are on Ritek G04 DVD-R's. And i really can notice the difference!. With the Ritek's it reads them alot quiter and less sound missing. But the games i have on TDK DVD+R's some times sound skips alot, especcially with Jak3? hey does anyone know how to backup Jak3 without sound loss?.

  2. r0c0

    r0c0 Guest

    mine copy of jak3 works fine , but i thought i saw a patch from dvdrick....Another thing u could do is rebuild the iso

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