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Nervous about home-made HDD's - need some specific advice

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by tambo-man, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. tambo-man

    tambo-man Guest

    Hello, I've tried searching through the site for what I want, but I get the impression that the people here are quite knowledgeable... and, alas, sometimes the terminology and assumed knowledge go slightly over my head!

    I've got some specific questions that I'd appreciate you browsing through... any help or advice would be warmly appreciated.

    I've got a United Kingdom PS2 that I feel is getting worn in the disc department - makes clunking/clicking noises and occasionally seems to spin without progressing the loading on certain games. I've also noticed that (as has been mentioned on aother sites) the floor textures on GTA don't always load - seemingly a sign of worn lens/drive.

    Anyway, I came across the idea of getting a Hard Drive for my PS2 and reducing wear and tear on the optic... then the even better idea of buying an IDE drive and Installing HDadvance on it! So here goes...

    1 - Is it really as simple as buying a network adapter, an appropriate IDE hard drive, putting HDadvance in the drive and follow the on-screen instructions. Or is this going to require me hooking the IDE hard drive to my PC, formatting it, installing the HDadvance and [bold]then[/bold] putting it into the PS2? I've checked a number of instuction manuals, but they seem contradictory and, again, assume a level of experience/knowledge that I don't have. I guess what I'm really asking is: "Can it really be this easy?"

    2 - Are there MAJOR compatibility problems in the hardware itself? Or rather, is there a specific Maxtor drive, a specific Network Adaptor and a specific version of the PS2 that work well together? Or are there specific combinations to be avoided? My PS2 is about 2 or 3 years old.

    3 - Does the issue of dual-layer DVD actually have a firm answer? I believe that some people have claimed to be able to copy dual-layer DVD to the Hard Drive via a PC? Is this feasible, and how difficult is it?

    4 - Would buying an official PS2 HDD allow you to copy dual-layer discs, or do they suffer from the same restriction? The reason I ask is because I understand that the next installment of GTA will be dual-layer.

    5 - Other than the ability to use a larger sized hard drive, are there any other benefits to home-made HDD's over the official PS2 HDD?

    I think that's it... If any of this is fuzzy or I haven't explained myself properly, just let me know - I've got a feeling I'll be using this site regularly.

    Cheers for any response, much appreciato!
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  2. cdub998

    cdub998 Member

    Sep 20, 2004
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    Well ok here goes.
    #1 All you have to do is get a IDE HD and the HDadvance and a network adatptor. It is really that easy. The only reason people would use it on the PC is for pesky games that won't boot or to copy a backup on the HD.
    #2 no specific drive you have to use any ide will work out watch out for Western Digital because they have a different spacing of the IDE and power cables so you have to do a little modding of the network adaptor to get it to fit. No real combos you need to worry about.
    #3 A dual layer as a rule will not work on the HD. The only thing you can do is convert the image on your pc from DVD9 to DVD5 and then copy it on your HD. So if you don't want to do that its not gonna work.
    #4 No PS2 hard drive is a normal HD and will not let you copy dual layer either. The only thing it will let you do is play FF XI.
    #5 No other benefits other than hard drive size and cost. You are going to pay $99 for the PS2 HD thats only 40 gig and you will pay less for a 120gig maxtor by its self.
    I hope this clears some stuff up for you. If not let us know.

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