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ok im trying to downgrade to 1.5 but it says Copy the contents of the MS_root folder to your memory

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by unholy0ne, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. unholy0ne

    unholy0ne Guest

    yes i do have ic1003
  2. flightx

    flightx Regular member

    Feb 5, 2006
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    o.k so your trying to downgrade but tell us alittle bit more about your psp like what firmware you have and what programe you are using to downgrade it
  3. unholy0ne

    unholy0ne Guest

    my firmware is 2.71 and im trying to use 13187_2.71ta082ta086downgrader to downgrade to 1.5 and then i wanna put 3.03 oe_C on it
  4. ac1D

    ac1D Guest

    ms root = the memory stick
    ie. your hard drive is probably C, cd rom D, and memory stick(psp)E.
    the root is the place ehre u see some folder on your stick

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