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Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by gl2eddy, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. gl2eddy

    gl2eddy Guest

    hey guys,

    i have a ps2 the original fat one with a modchip...the only thing is that i don't know what kind of a modchip it has because i brought it in hong kong, well i bought a initial d special stage thats burn and it doesn't play on my ps2...i tried alot of times and it doesn't work. so i tried it on my friend's moded ps2 and it does work...i also can't play backup dvds too...the weird thing is that..the games i bought with my ps2 that are burned works on my ps2...

    if you guys can help by see a picture of my ps2's motherboard send me an email at jdm_wol2ks@yahoo.com

    and i will send you a picture of my ps2's motherboard

  2. JoeN00b

    JoeN00b Guest

    maybe you can try posting in the PS2 Hardware Boot forum (if it is a modchip you bought and not software). Maybe you have a faulty piece of equipment. I guess I'm just really confused as to what you are asking. Slow down, and try to clarify yourself a little bit more. ;)

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