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Optorite dd0405 won't recognize any media

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by newbhere, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. newbhere

    newbhere Guest

    Hi all, newb to these forums here.

    I bought a Optorite dd0405 from newegg in October. I burned about 5 audio cd's on it and then all of a sudden it stopped recognizing blank cd-r's so I RMA'ed it to Newegg. Just got around to getting the new one installed and this piece of junk won't recognize any media. I don't care if you put in a store-bought cd or dvd, any type of blank media, or a peanut butter sandwich. Under "my computer" the drive shows up as "dvd-rw drive (E:)" I have noticed that sometimes when I put a blank cd in changes to dvd-rom drive (E:).

    I have an old toshiba cd-r/rw dvd-rom combo drive on the same ide channel, and it works fine. I have tried swapping the slave/master places, uninstalling the optorite under device manager, looking for new drivers, etc. I dowmnloaded & installed the 2 available updates from Optorite's website. I emailed optorite's tech support but got no answer.

    Does anyone have any idea on what could cause this? I already have another RMA number from Newegg tonight, but I am wondering if I am overlooking something and the same problem is going to occur when I get the second replacement.


  2. newbhere

    newbhere Guest

    Check this out. Even though all the other problems still exist, the optorite will burn a back up copy of a dvd via dvd shrink and nero if I put the original in my toshiba drive. So this must be some OS issue I think...


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