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Problems with rewriting the DVD-RW's

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by annie, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. annie

    annie Guest

    I've got a pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-writer. After burning some DVD-R's, I tried to rewrite on a DVD-RW media. After completely deleting the disk with nero, nero identifies the disk as a blank DVD-RW media. But when I started a new burning session, nero denies access to write on the disk.
    Can anybody tell me, how I can rewrite the disk?
    Please help me.
  2. tumbar

    tumbar Guest

    under recorder, 4th from the left at top, choose erase rewritable.

    Choose full or quick.

    Then try to re burn. My experience is if it dosen't burn then you have to get higher quality DVDRW. media.

    I personally choose "cheap" for dvdr, however use "most expensive" for rewritables. Cheap rewiteables don't rewrite, at least not for me. The cheap dvdr's are just fine though!

  3. annie

    annie Guest

    Thank you, Jim.
    I jump to the computer-shop round the corner and get another RW-Disk. I tell you, if it depended on the cheap media.
  4. BIGTOXY69

    BIGTOXY69 Regular member

    Jul 16, 2004
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    annie- The previous poster who answerws to your post is correct ! while I don't do great quantities of DVD-RW media I have done some and Also I have burned a good few DVD+RW disc and I've found that they can get somewhat tempermental after several record erase cycles ! Particlarly if the Erasable media is of less than Premium quality ! Whether this is because Erasable media tends to pick up scratches more than permanent DVD+R or DVD-R media or due to plain old poor quality of the media who can say? But they do get a bit Wonky after awhile ! If you are going to use earsable media I would recommend VERBATIM DVD+RW if you can get it ! hope this helps out some ! good luck & happy burning!! Ciao!
  5. JoeRyan

    JoeRyan Active member

    Dec 2, 2003
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    Rewritable media are tricky for several reasons: 1) they can be corrupted by conflicting packet-writing software (A rewritable disc formatted in Roxio's DirectCD can be corrupted by immediate overwriting of Ahead's InCD and vice-versa. If that happens, the disc can no longer be recognized by a consumer drive; only a factory drive--called an initializer--can restore it.); 2) different drives have different laser patterns that can muddle up the signals enough that sooner or later drives can't distinguish the "pits" marked on the disc. A sideways oval pattern can spread so widely that a tightly focused circular beam pattern loses tracking now and then. There should be a standard for diodes, but there isn't. A third possibility is that a drive that is not compatible with a rewritable medium can make such illegible data on it that even a compatible drive can no longer recognize the disc. The best way to handle rewritable media is to use them only in one drive, not in multiple drives.

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