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Ringtones on my Razr. I'm stuck...

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by tattcat, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. tattcat

    tattcat Member

    Jun 20, 2007
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    ok, so here's my issue...
    I've had a razr for a while now. I used to be on cingular, but now that I'm living overseas I'm on a european provider. A friend of mine recently gave me Motorola tools 4.0. I'll give you a play-by-play of what has happened so far...

    1. Edited the song I wanted into a 30 sec. clip. Saved it as MP3.
    2. Tried to transfer clip via usb. However, the PC didn't recognize the phone and wouldn't communicate with it.
    3. transferred the clip via jump drive to my computer (I have a mac, but I had to use my husband's PC since "Tools 4.0" won't work on OSX)
    4. Set up my phone and computer via Bluetooth
    5. Transferred clip to phone with bluetooth
    6. went to my stuff>audio>sounds>apply as ringtone.

    now here's where I get screwed up.

    7. when I got a phone call, rather than getting my music clip ringtone, I have the generic "ring ring". what gives? what'd I do wrong?

    the only thing I've noticed is that the ringtones that came with the phone and the couple ringtones I bought off cingular all have little locks next to the icons while my music clip does not, even after I applied it as a ringtone.

    Please help. I have no idea what to do next /:(
  2. BootMe

    BootMe Regular member

    Apr 14, 2005
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    Make sure your phone is not connected to the PC at this time.

    First, lets remove any drivers that you have previously installed for your phone (this will help solve your connection problem).


    Download the file "Razrfiles.zip". Extract this anywhere you see fit.
    Now, double click the "devmgr" file. This should run the device manager.


    Click the view menu, and select "Show Hidden Devices". Navigate to the Modems catagory, click the + next to it. It will expand. Remove all traces of Motorola USB Modem. Do this by right clicking over the item and selecting "Uninstall" Next, navigate to the Motorola USB Device Catagory (if its there), click the +, and uninstall everyone of the items in there. Finally, navigate to the Universal Serial Bus controllers catagory, click the +, and uninstall all "Unknown devices".

    Now, lets run the other file that you downloaded, "DriverTool". This will go through and delete any drivers left over for your phone.

    Lets make sure your version of Motorola Tools is upto date.
    Click start, and find the installed program, click Motorola Live Update. If it finds an update, let it download and install it.
    If its upto date, or just installed an update, it will display the following message;
    Click Finish.

    The updater will most likely take you to the Motorola Tools profile selection; if not, then click on Motorola Tools from your program list.
    Although we have deleted drivers, I still suggest you make a new profile for installing the phone.
    So, select New, create a new profie, then OK to continue.

    Now you need to select how your phone is to be connected to the computer (it still should not be connected!). I suggest you use USB Cable, as this is more reliable.
    Once you've selected that, you will be asked to connect your phone. This is the time you connected your phone via USB to your PC :)

    It should be detected, and you'll see the following...

    Now, your phone should be installed and ready to go!
    You should have this inthe corner of your screen;

    You will now want to get that audio clip over to your phone, yes?
    Start by clicking Multimedia Studio.

    Now, we need to click the File transfer button, to the Left.

    Use the drop down selection, and the other file browser to search for the file you want to send to your phone. Also, double click the "audio" folder on the phone side, this is where your audio is going :)

    Now you've found that file you want to copy, select it, and then press the Copy To Phone button. Wait a few seconds (depends on file size) and then it should appear on the phone side.

    Exit the program, including the one that is a visual of your phone.
    Now we need to set that clip as your ringtone!
    Disconnect the phone from the PC, and on the phone, navigate to your Multimedia, then sounds section. You should be able to find your audio clip in there. Apply as Ring Tone.

    Check that the tone is now the clip you just assigned.
    It should play the clip when your phone rings.

    If it doesn't play, then the problem might be that the MP3 you saved, is at too high a bit rate. Try lowering the bitrate to 192kbps, or 128kbps.

    I hope that helps :)

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2007

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