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Shrink's Compression Quality settings etc..??

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by fab5_dv, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. fab5_dv

    fab5_dv Guest

    I'm requesting advise on how and when to use the compression quality settings in Shrink. For an example is there a difference when copying Shrek2 vs Armageddon.. Shrek is totally CG animated where as Armageddon has a lot of action scenes with a lot of detail..

    If I can get the title to around 90% or so do I need to deep analyse?? Here's an example: I re-authored Shrek2 and broght in the main title plus some extras, and then tweaked the extras to 80% to get the main movies to 93%, I deep analysed for the sake of helping the 80%ers, should I be picking any of the compression quality settings because the main movie is leass than very near 100%?

    I'm looking for advice and recommendations for what people using Shrink like to do to controll quality in high detail movies.. And I understand all of these extra steps will add extra time to the whole process, but any helpfull advice would be appreciated..

    What is the difference in the different compression settings from medium to very sharp. They appear to be available for added quality. How? And are most people unchecking the box and just burning straignt from standard or deep analysis.

    I hope the answers can help many folks who might be interested in this same information. And if there is a guide that is specific to this area, that would be helpfull as well..Thank you!
  2. larrylje

    larrylje Active member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    There is alot of people that do things diffrent in this forum. Really depends on what is satifying to you when you have the end product.

    Myself I always do a deep analysis. To me it dosent add that much more time onto the encoding process. It will add time but end quilty is worth it.

    I uasly drop the compressen on the menus and extra's all the way down to the lowest since you dont use them as often as the movie.

    Then I uncheck subtitles and audio languages "fourign" that I dont need to bring the quilty of the movie up.

    I uasly like the Movie to be at 80% compression or higher. If it still isnt at 80% I repalce any trailers "previews" of other movies to still images.

    Then if it still is to low I will uasly re-author and just do the mvoie. If the compression gets to low you get pictlation and freezing of the DVD so always keep that in mind.

    What it all comes down to is your own prefrences. Explore yourself with changing certain compressions and files and get to the point to where you are satified with the end DVD.
  3. fab5_dv

    fab5_dv Guest

    Cool!! Thank you! I will read up on converting to still images.. I will also practice with lowering menus and extras, -what is usually a satisfactory compression setting? Do you use any of the quality enhancment settings in the backup/burning options ie. medium-very sharp to increase quality or run as is with none or deault(sharp)..? Do those quality enhancements really work or does deep analysing do the trick? What are your steps for a movie like Troy, in re-author, movie only, using only one title, nothing else, and still has low 60% compression?Thanks much for the tips! I hope to be able to add prductively to this forum as I learn the ropes.. Thanks again! -Dv
  4. rroettger

    rroettger Regular member

    Sep 3, 2004
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    Last edited: Jan 12, 2005
  5. fab5_dv

    fab5_dv Guest

    Awesome tool..! I wish I could see something like that for the newer updated versions of all those same applications.. I don't mind purchasing something, but I back-up my DVD's to protect the originals. I buy DVD's for thier high resolution quality and digital audio/video, and I want my back ups to reprduce as accurate as possible, so I can put the original away to be safe..-Dv

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