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Sid Meier's Pirates

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by REBEL_AUS, Dec 9, 2004.


    REBEL_AUS Guest

    I have recently copied this game by burning disk 1(no protection) with the normal setting in alc120% and CD2 with Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x) and installed it fine with emulation.
    now when i attempt to play it with CD1 it tells me to insert the original.
    can anyone point me in teh right direction as to what i should do?
    ARRRRRR, damn manual.
    I tried CD 2 and BAM it worked, amzing considering i am told to use CD1 in the manual.
    sorry for the stupid topic guys.
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  2. tnom

    tnom Member

    Jan 10, 2005
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    I've mounted both .cue files for Pirates! on virtual CD drives using Daemon tools. I followed the included readme instructions to the letter. And the game did play.

    But I can't play more than 10 mins without it crashing on me. Any advice?

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