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Discussion in 'User submitted guides' started by c7015, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. c7015

    c7015 Regular member

    Feb 7, 2003
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    [bold] Snes station [/bold]

    Files that you will need

    snesstation_beta 1 (you can find this file at http://snes-station.gamebase.ca/)

    [bold] AT LEAST 10 ROMS [/bold] (there are many places to find these just do some searching on goolgle)

    Burning software (I will describe how to use NERO in these guides)

    -Start off by downloading SNES Station and all of the roms that you want (minimum 10)

    -then go into windows explorer and right click on the snes station file snesstation_beta1 (you may have saved it as something different) we will leave this for now but come back to it later

    -now go to your Roms that you downloaded and right click and extract you will get all new folders with the game names

    now we are ready to make the cd

    -open nero select CD-ROM(ISO) (this is not in the wizard)

    -click on the ISO tab at the top and make sure these settings are checked off

    ISO level 2 (max of 31 chars)
    Mode 2/xa
    ISO 9660

    then click new

    in the file browser window locate the place where you extracted SNES station (in my case c:\download\snesstation_beta1)

    -open the file and drag these 4 files into the new compilation that we are making


    -now you want to make a folder called "roms" (no quotations)

    -now locate the rom folders that we extrated earlier open the folders in the nero file browser drag over the .smc files (for example supermario.smc)

    Once you have at least 10 roms in the roms folder you are ready to burn

    make sure that you are not creating a multisession

    click burn and you are done (i burn at 16x speed and it works great so I dont think that burn speed matters)

    [bold] PGEN [/bold]

    files needed


    sega roms

    burning software (nero in this case)

    starting off you need to download pgen and sega genesis roms

    you can download pgen at http://www.zophar.net/consoles/ps2.html

    step 1:extracting all files
    go to windows explorere and find where you downloaded pgen (in my case C:\Download\pgen_v1-beta)

    right click on the pgen_v1-beta (or whatever you named it ) and choose extract all it will give you a new folder (we are done with this for now but will come back to if later

    next extract all of the zipped rom folders that you downloaded (you will get all new folders for each individual game)

    now that all of the files are downloaded and extrated we can go on to burning them

    open nero select CD-ROM(ISO) (this is not in the wizard)

    -click on the ISO tab at the top and make sure these settings are checked off

    ISO level 2 (max of 31 chars)
    Mode 2/xa
    ISO 9660

    then click new

    find the pgen folder that you extracted in the file browser (C:\Download\pgen_v1-beta in my case)
    then drag these 5 files over to our new compilation


    also create a folder called "roms" (no quotations)

    now we need to find the roms that we unziped/extracted and drag them over to the roms folder
    (do not drag the entire folder over just the .smc .bin or .smd file over)

    the roms will have a file extention of .smc .bin and occationally .smd (for example sonic2.smc)

    once we have all of the roms we want with a minimum of 10 than we are ready to burn

    click on the burn icon and choose speed and you are finsished (also at this point you want to make sure that there is no multi session)

    and you are finished

    to boot both of these roms is just like booting any copied ps2 game the method will change depending on what mod you have installed

    [bold] control's [/bold]

    [bold] SNES STATION [/bold]
    D-pad = D-Pad/ Left analog
    Start = Start
    Select = Select
    A = Circle
    B = X
    X = Triangle
    Y = Square
    L = L1 or L2
    R = R1 or R2
    Quit and return to main menu = L3 + R3

    [bold] PGEN [/bold]

    D-Pad =D-Pad/left analog
    Start= Start

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  2. AfterDawn

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  3. novicebb

    novicebb Regular member

    Apr 21, 2005
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    Interesting and much needed. Thank you.
  4. SporkNin

    SporkNin Regular member

    Nov 29, 2005
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    so how do saved games work? saves to your memory card?
  5. ali4real

    ali4real Guest

    I got the newest version of SNES station

    and the game name is cut off most of it is missing?

    how do i fix this?

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