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The answer to “Activating Java App Loader” and copying games to Vxxx phones.

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by dayspring, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. dayspring

    dayspring Guest

    The answer to “Java App Loader” and copying games to Vxxx phones.

    After lots of reading and searching forums deep into the night (and falling out with the wife) I found the easiest way (using the smallest programmes and all the drivers you need) to

    1. Activate “Java App Loader”
    2. Push Games to the phone
    3. Play games on the PC to see if you want them

    This site has helped me much with Phone related and DVD-Srink related issues it was about time I gave back (I only wish I had a web page to store the programs on line for every one to access them as a zip – perhaps someone can help here?)

    Have at lest one game ready to go across. (.jar & .jad file)

    No need for PST 6.7 or 7.1 large files to do a very simple thing.

    Ok here go’s my walk through for dummies.

    The programmes you require are:

    1. P2Kman (0.2 mb zipped)
    2. P2kTools (0.6 mb zipped) note P2kTools not P2kTool
    Which can be downloaded from Here

    I think every one is using XP so make sure you download the XP version

    3. Midway2.8 (0.3 mb zipped)
    Which can be downloaded from Here

    “I had to register which is free (but If some one can put the file on their web page after they have it that would be great)”

    4. MidpX (1.7 mb zipped)
    To play the game on your PC before you push it to the phone helpful because I want to see want it plays like first (this is optional and it does add a link in your IE bar – which I removed by using “hi-jack this “)
    Which can be downloaded from Here

    What I did was create a folder on my PC Say V635 Related and save the 4 files into there, unzip each file into a separate folder under “635 related”

    After unzipping each file into sparate folders

    1. Run “P2KTools.exe” have the phone connected to the PC through your USB cable. I think at this stage it will require 4 Motorola programmes to be installed “Here point the way to the “drv” folder under “P2KMan” folder all the drivers are kept here, do this for all the programmes it requires.

    2. When its running press connect and wait for the red circle at the bottom of the screen to go green

    3. Then click the “other features” tab and click “Java”, then click “get” icon.
    This will return the features on your phone.

    4. Tick the “Java App Loader” box and click “set”
    this will activate (you guessed it) “Java App Loader”

    If you do get any error message in a wired lang (ignore what else can you do.)

    5. File and exit out of programme. (there that wasn’t hard) no science required

    6. Unplug your phone and turn off and restart, go to java setting at the top and you should see “ Java App Loader” (hay who’s the daddy now)

    7. Remember where your game is stored to go across, if not download them form somewhere (some great site on this forum)

    8. On the phone go to Java Setting “JavaApp Loader” and press select “the phone will say insert cable now “(now will be a good time to connect the cable to your phone and PC)

    9. Open Midway 2.8

    10. File “open Jad” and point to the .jad file for the game, then file send “jad file”

    11. On the phone accept the incoming file and follow any instructions it say.

    12. If you want to sent some more games repeat this operation no need to disconnect or play the game first.

    That’s all there is to it – to this very complicated procedure

    MidpX can be run in windows explorer open the .jad file for the game you want to see/test/play and it will open up. Only down side it installs an icon on the tool bar (which I removed with “hi-jack this”

    If anyone has another programme (small) that can do a better job please share.

    That all folks, if any one can host these file in a single zip it would be great, stop searching around the net.

    I would love to here back with your comments on the walk through and see if it worked for you. I got so feed up searching forum after forum just to push a game across I even rang Motorola they said I couldn’t do it (not allowed).


  2. mossyy

    mossyy Regular member

    Dec 23, 2004
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    nice walk man

    thnx :D
  3. simoazn

    simoazn Member

    Apr 27, 2005
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    mine says "Connecting the phone....[TIMER EXPIRED]"
    "download canceled"
    BUt ive got my phone connected 2 it alrdy
  4. julioata

    julioata Member

    May 18, 2005
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    I have a V600 and have been trying to send that Java application loader by all means to the phone but it doesnt work, please help!
    I get to step 2 and open p2ktools.exe I press connect and 3 error messages appear and afterwards the circle turns green and it says connected but it doesn´t say anything else (no model of phone or name)
    I go to step 3 to other features and click get icon but it doesn´t get anything only 3 error messages, What can I do?

    Please help!

    What is the pkman for when do I have to use it?

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