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The Official Graphics Card and PC gaming Thread

Discussion in 'Building a new PC' started by abuzar1, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. omegaman7

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    Feb 12, 2008
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    It "looks" highly impressive! And the way they speak of it being a gauge for all other games. Much like crysis was.
    I was so close to buying a 4K monitor today. But I know that my current card can barely handle my current setup. Increasing my resolution, without more memory, or gpu power? Yeah... I'm afraid I'm gonna have to wait! Sadly...
  2. Estuansis

    Estuansis Active member

    Jan 18, 2006
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    I turn sharpness off entirely as its kind of a useless effect. I think it was an awful idea to have it as a default setting. TVs and monitors already have built in sharpness settings. The sharpness also makes the jaggies stand out, and it sharpens and highlights flaws in the image. If I do use sharpness, I use only a very small amount of it. In this case, 10% would probably be the maximum. Probably 5% is where I'd settle. After that, the image becomes very over-processed.

    I'm glad you like the game so much. It's one of the best I've played in a long time, and one of the very few that didn't disappoint after much hype. I think it's an excellent game. I have over 80 hours clocked already on Steam, with about 60 of them being real gameplay and 20 sitting idle while I do other things, haha.

    Omega, after Mass Effect Andromeda, I am going to remain wary about EA/Bioware games. That kind of laziness in game production is inexcusable. It really has nothing to do with the memes floating around poking fun at the animation. The entire game was phoned in. So bad that they've indefinitely suspended more Mass Effect games until they can get a better dev team together.
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  3. harvardguy

    harvardguy Regular member

    Jun 9, 2012
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    Wow, Jeff is running 4k but then putting out 1080p as a form of AA, and Kevin you're about to pop for a 4k monitor - what has Sam done to all of us!

    Yeah, Jeff, thanks again for the game recommendation. This one was as good as when you recommended the Metro games which were all-time best games - they still stand up there with the top of the top 50 games - up there with Far Cry 3 for example, COD4, and Half Life 2.

    Regarding the sharpness, turning it off sounds good - the sharpness was too sharp. I have started using your recommended SMAA as temporal AA takes a bit too much of a framerate hit - depends on how much shooting is going on. When I had temporal AA selected I looked and I could not find the sharpness setting - so maybe it's turned on only for SMAA. I'll look more carefully tonight and turn sharpness off altogether for SMAA if I can find it. Maybe it's a setting under video - I need to check - they keep a few of the settings over there.

    Yes, the game is massively awesome. There are some wow moments that are really cool. For example, I had just stolen one of those little bird helicopters with the twin gattling guns. There was a screen announcement that a hunter helicopter was coming to get me. So I turned the chopper around, hovered down about 10 meters above the water (too much higher and that SAM missile emplacement on that plateau overlooking the river will shoot me down) and I waited, testing out my gattling guns. The gattling guns always shoot a little high, so I wanted to be a bit below it. As it came toward me I fired off some rounds - and the light was good this time (the weather and daylight change very fast so within two hours you go from sunlight to night-time) and I could see the tracers. Of several bursts, I got off one burst off that apparently hit it dead on because suddenly it ignited and took a plunge to the brimy depths - and one of my partners said - "You shot the chopper down."

    Also yesterday on foot with unsilenced sniper rifle AO40 (the basic one they first give you) I shot down two apache helicopters. They are the ones that have heavy armor and kill you with missiles. I was trying to get El Emissario - I was at the sniping position above his incredibly beautiful mansion, and I had set off a war between Unidad and the Narcos - but mistakenly hung around and attacked the Unidad soldiers that came to my sniper position. That put us in the middle of an all-out unidad alarm which always ends in my death, unless we completely run from it and let it cool down.

    But I don't die easy. So I had dropped down below the cliff and from a distance killed about 20 unidad soldiers with sniper rifle, and also 4 regular helicopters, then the 2 apache helicopters. Somehow the way I was sheltered against the cliff they had trouble getting in position for a missile attack - or by then I had already shot them down.

    Then Unidad called in more reinforcements closer to my dug-in position and that was that - "killed in actionl"

    But it was massive fun - murder of helicopters and the hated Unidad army guys!



    Anyway, I came back (from the dead) and beat the mission with the same approach. We set off the war and this time we backtracked about 50 meters and went prone, and did not engage unidad. When the dust settled there were only a few bad guys left out of the original 20 and we went in and got our guy!

    The thing I cannot do in this game is fly an airplane, and I think I have given up trying. I have at least 20 hours in just this one thing, and I am not getting any better at it.

    They always want to shoot a missile at you so you have to hug the ground, and I haven't figured out how to control the things very well at all.

    Maybe I'll try to control them with mouse.

    In Arma3 you can use mouse AND keyboard controls at the same time, so you can really get good at it - I'm talking helicopters. In this game it's either/or. I tried the mouse thing for helicopter, but then I missed not being able to use the A and D keys for sideways movement so I went back to keyboard.

    So because of that, I was going to try mouse with the airplanes but changed my mind.

    However, maybe I should give it a try since I suck with keyboard - I even turned driving sensitivity down to 35 from 50 to reduce the intensity of the A and D key movements - but I still totally suck at flying an airplane! Are there any tips you can give me Jeff?

    What about you Kev, can you fly a plane worth a damn? Hahaha. I know you were flying that helicopter all over New York in GTA4 - I never tried that.

    But I LOVE flying helicopters in Arma 3, and I love them in this game also.

  4. Estuansis

    Estuansis Active member

    Jan 18, 2006
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    My best tip for controlling the vehicles is to use a controller! lol

    I use my favorite Sony DualShock 3 bluetooth wireless gamepad for this game. One I bought new last year just for PC gaming. It's disguised in the software as an Xbox 360 controller so the game picks it right up and goes no problem. It shows Xbox controls though so if you aren't used to both gamepads it can be confusing. The easiest route is to use an Xbox 360 or Xbox One gamepad, which have perfect compatibility with most games without hacked drivers. Just plug it in, and the game switches its interface to Xbox controls. Works great!

    The shooting controls better with Mouse and KB, but the vehicles are superior on a gamepad. And the game is PvE so precision and reaction time aren't as exceedingly important. I find the shooting accuracy with a joystick to be just fine for my needs in this game. I've gaffed a few sniper shots but nothing a little practice and patience can't help. In a proper FPS, KB+M is the way to go, but like GTAV, a controller is easily adequate here.

    I want to upgrade to a DualShock 4 soon, so I can put the fresher 2nd Gen PS3 pad with my 2nd Gen PS3 and replace its worn out 1st Gen pads.
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  5. Estuansis

    Estuansis Active member

    Jan 18, 2006
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    After writing the above post, I thought what the heck why not? I just got paid. So I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed a DualShock 4 for $60. It works with the same custom Windows drivers as my DS3 so compatibility is a non-issue. Plug and play.

    The ergonomics are improved to perfection, and the overall response and precision are right where they need to be. Definitely on par with my older controllers. Since they dropped pressure sensitive buttons (Cross,Square,Circle,Triangle,D-Pad) in favor of pure digital buttons, it should ideally mean better response times.

    Better angled triggers, with longer handles, means a longer reach for your hand, and less cramping from having your hands scrunched up. If you have big hands like me, these are excellent controllers without giving up that oldschool familiarity. The slightly shifted button locations take some getting used to after a lifetime with the original DualShock shape. However, nothing I can't warm up to with a little quality gaming time :)

    So yeah, impulse buy worked out okay for me. I'm pretty happy with it!
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  6. harvardguy

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    Jun 9, 2012
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    Hahahaha - you impulse buyer.

    Well, I guess that is probably something I will never do - you guys Jeff, Kevin, Sam are years ahead of me in comfort with controllers. I tried to use a controller one time and I was all thumbs. So for me, I would rather practice more and get the keyboard working on the airplane - or JUST stop trying to fly them period.

    The airplane gets you some medical supplies points - but I have zillions of points. I like to tag the trucks.

    I fairly recently learned that Wildlands has one feature that I have never come across in any other game.

    You can hit the I key, at any time, and do an inventory change right out in the middle of the bush - you don't have to be at an ammo box. And the game pauses while you are making the gun change. So I carry around the Llamativo LMG right now - llamativo "yamaTIvo" means it has a lot of bling - comes from the Spanish word, llamar, pronounced yamAR, which means "to name", as in me llamo Ricardo "may YAmo RiCARdo" I am named Richard, or I name myself Richard, or I call myself Richard. "Como te llames?" "COE-moe tay YAmess" - how do you name yourself, how do you call yourself = What is your name?

    Anyway, so more like the "to call" form of the verb, llamativo is something that calls out - "look at me" in other words, it has a lot of bling as I said. It's not a derogatory word - it's more like our word "fancy."

    I liked that light machine gun when I saw it was available, versus the first LMG that the game me - which has slightly more damage per bullet, and a better gun sight that I recently upgraded to, being the red dot sight - which the game calls "panoramic." The gunsight with the llamativo has more metal around the edges which cuts off the view just a bit, and it's a red circle - it's okay but not as nice as that Panoramic gunsight. One of the factions in Arma3 has that same gunsight which is okay but not my preferred red-dot sight with less metal to obstruct the view.

    However, I switched to the Lllamativo, despite inferior gunsight, because the firing rate is about 30% faster - so even though it does about 10% less damage per round, the firing rate more than makes up for that, and the range as I recall was the same or even slightly further.

    However - it is loud of course - and the ACR russian-built assault rifle that I started carrying as an upgrade to the first SMG they give you, has a nice silencer, and a very nice grenade launcher that I finally upgraded to. So whenever I need stealth, or a grenade launcher, I switch right in the middle of the action.

    There are two ways that I like to take out a truck convoy. Go up behind it with an SUV with a mounted minigun, or go up and hopefully pass the convoy and get ahead of it a quarter mile, park my non-minigun car or truck, get out and switch to the ACR rifle with the grenade launcher and a total of 8 grenade rounds. Then I stand near a bend in the road, and shoot a grenade at the lead minigun suv and blow it up, and then next comes the truck which tries to make a run for it and I shoot one at it.

    Then after I have tagged the truck and gotten my points, by then Unidad, the tough Bolivian army, has showed up - I switch back to the llamativo (which is also not bad for taking out helicopters - although I took out a helicopter the other day with a grenade launcher - it only takes one hit - that was very cool.)

    So anyway, being able to change weapons on the fly is a wonderful game option that I have never come across in any other game - very cool.

    I had a fun time yesterday beating an almost impossible game mission. I tried to reduce game difficulty to make airplane flying easier, but the game won't let me. I think I picked "Hard" difficulty. So some of these things might seem a little tough if you are playing on "Normal" and if you have already beaten them.

    I am kind of glad, other than the impossible airplane flying, that I could not change difficulty - it is making these little tricks more useful and more rewarding when I beat something that was REALLY hard without the trick. If you haven't played this one mission yet Jeff, here's what I did.

    This cocalero union leader is making a speech, and trying to get the coca growers to use their coca for chocolate, instead of selling it all to the lady who makes cocaine for the cartel. He's giving an organizing speech, and he's carrying an SMG, but the cartel will be sending multiple SUVs of bad guys to kill him. If his health gets to zero, you didn't pass the mission.

    So I failed twice - the last time he was close to me on the podium with only 9%, and I got taken down, and it took forever for one of my guys to revive me, and just after he did the union leader got killed.

    So the game wanted to give me another try of course. You get try after try in this game until you flat give up.

    Now this is a little like - "Turn on the rebel radio and protect the generator" - where they all come from every direction and attack the generator. Those are optional missions that appear on the map from time to time.

    On one of those, I just did a neat trick the last time - I parked a little bird helicopter right next to the generator, flipped the generator on, then jumped into it the heli with my guys on the side skids, and hit the "Fire" button. They began firing at anything within range, and I moved the helicopter around a bit to make sure all the guys who came to target the generator were within gunshot of the two sides of the little bird helicopter. That worked great!

    Before that what I was doing, on foot, was to order "Fire" which sends my team off in all directions shooting bad guys, and I stayed close to the generator with the llamativo LMG and that worked pretty well - I got taken out but even before being revived - the timeout ended meaning I won - just before the life of the generator went to zero.

    It was just after that when I tried the helicopter trick, and now I probably won't do one of those without the helicopter - well maybe I will, but I now have a guaranteed win in my pocket. I just have to go get a helicopter, weaponless or not.

    So sitting there with this union leader, and two failed attempts, I thought - "I need a helicopter."

    And I thought about my guys sitting on the skids with their rifles, and then I thought about all those SUVs that kept coming carrying car-loads of enemies.

    So I decided to double-down and go get Big Mama. Big Mama is my pet name for the baddest biggest helicopter in the game, with fully-moveable gattling guns on each side. It is a pleasure to fly - but it is really big so not so easy to park.

    Actually there is one other really BAD helicopter, the Apache which you CAN steal from the army base near a safe house. The apache takes one guy to fly, and carries a separate gunner, with variable machine gun plus missiles. Arma 3 has a Russian version of the Apache on one of the non-nato factions, which I have flown many times and posted about many times.

    In Arma3, when my gunner used to get killed, then I had control of the machine-gun and of the missiles, but I didn't have independent movement of them - I had to point the helicopter in the correct position. One time I flew in one, and I took the gunner position instead of the pilot position, and then I saw how great it was to have full control of the machine-gun. But actually I think the missiles were still only "point-forward control," and were not able to be aimed other than how the helicopter was facing.

    Yes, you had a gunsight - and you could be a mile away and the rockets would not lose more than just a little bit of altitude by the time they hit their target.

    Anyway, I need to steal that Apache sometime and see how effective that can be now that I think about it. Maybe I'll steal one tonight and try it on a convoy, or maybe just on a small invasion hitting the "fire" button and see how well my one gunner rotates that machine-gun around to target all the enemies. Then I'll have to figure out how to fire the missiles. That will be cool and might be one new trick up my sleeve. That army base has a mini-gun SUV that I like to steal, and it also has the other types of helicopters, little bird with twin point-forward gattling gun, Big Mama, and it has an 8-wheeled grenade tossing APC - armored personnel carrier - which does massive damage to any kind of convoy. (It is definitely not amphibious by the way.)

    The 8-wheeled APC is kind of fun, but a bit hard to drive, and not really that well-armored. I should get more experience with one, however. You can take the gunner position when you are parked, and then hit middle mouse to instantly slip into driver position if you need to get the team out of there. As gunner you are down inside the top hatch looking third person with your grenade sight as you shoot out those grenade rounds, so I really should get better at that vehicle. Maybe tonight. I actually, somewhat painfully, could have driven the thing over to the cocalero union leader - it goes off-road very well - but with attackers coming from several different directions at once, I think nothing can best Big Mama.​

    "So" - I thought, "Big Mama will beat this cocalero union leader mission."

    That gives me a gattling gun on each side, and my one shooter from inside for the targets that are not quite within the coverage of either moveable minigun.

    I know where a Big Mama is parked. Actually I know where 3 are parked, other than the Army base mentioned above.

    1. There is Alicia City - I can quick-travel there and take the boat around the island. That actually might be faster to get.
    2. There is the island directly across from the tiny rebel island - I can boat over in 10 seconds. I now have figured out a way to get up top near the sniper tower without going around through the buildings. Then I kill the sniper and the one guy up there, then take the helicopter.
    3. The 3rd place is Restaurante Humacha off one of the main highways that borders the big bay.

    With the mission still the focal point on the map, I quick-travelled to a little island in the bay, near the Carteza buchon island, and as of yesterday they now put a weapon-less helicopter on it for me - but before that I just took the boat about 200 yards to a nearby rebel island with a weapon-less little-bird helicopter.

    This is all near that island with the buchon Carteza (the playboy son of a wealthy Mexican industrialist, who likes to throw dance parties) with the 5 little bird helicopters on top of the hill, each of them with twin gattling guns which are forward-mounted and I have to operate them by pointing the helicopter forward.

    I am getting better at that, especially at shooting down helicopters, and also taking out convoys, but those gattling guns are far less useful than the mounted and moveable side gattling guns on the big gunship, Big Mama, each individually controlled by one of my 3 team-mates.

    So from the fast-travel little island in the bay, now with a weapon-less little bird, I headed due west about half a kilometer to the Restarante Humacho, which is also a gas station, which has a Big Mama big white twin gattling-gun gunship parked outside, and I stole that.

    Now it was 5.1 km to the union meeting at the coca growers cooperative.

    I very carefully went around the bay at low altitude, and then up a narrow pass in the mountains, to avoid the SAM missiles which are now prevalent.

    Then I carefully went over the top, then down into the little valley, parking the gunship in the coca field behind the cooperative.

    I went on foot to the union leader again, and for the third time heard him tell me to "bug off - I'm going to give this speech" then I ran to the gunship, lifted off, and brought it forward 75 meters, hovering about 5 meters off the ground right in front of the podium, just above the heads of the audience. I gave the Fire order, then my job was to rotate it lazily from time to time, as my guys worked those miniguns.

    In joy I saw those enemy SUVs explode, I saw those enemy soldiers turn to nice puffs of red smoke. This all went on for about two minutes of bliss.

    The stupid impetuous "Dead Man Walking" union leader, as my character called him when he radioed back to our main lady CIA agent contact in Bolivia, still had a full 45% of life left when the game told me "Mission Accomplished."

    I should post some of those screenshots - it was awesome!!!

    Hahahahahahahahaha - I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. harvardguy

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    Jun 9, 2012
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    Jeff, before I get started, on a technical note, I have noticed that after a couple of hours of Wildlands gameplay, I can start to see the model mesh on the map - in other words I see thin parallel lines as if it were a shadow from electricity power lines.

    I think this is some kind of memory leakage. I have tried to change the type of AA but I think I usually have to exit the game, then come back in fresh. With your hardware, have you noticed anything similar?

    Second thing - in the YouTube that I talk about below, he hits a toggle and looks at the helicopter from the front, then from the back. Arma3 has a key to do this in a vehicle - you can look behind to see who's shooting at your car. I tried googling this with no success. Do you know how to do it, Jeff?

    I COULD NOT steal an Apache helicopter last night from that Junin base at the north-west end of the big bay, where you spawn in the little village. I blew up the SAM missile site right off the road, then blew up the 3 next to the base, and on the way back to the base, the one I blew up two minutes ago was already rebuilt. WTF!

    I spent a couple hours, and I may have to give up on that attempt. But I think I have seen the Apache in other locations - I may try again.

    Yeah, I just watched a YouTube video, and he steals one from the base just north of that base - the Media Luna base. I don't remember if he actually gets hit by a missile or not - apparently you can upgrade vehicles to take less damage so maybe I have to do that before achieving success in stealing one.

    Regarding airplane flying, there is a "practice place" that I found on a plateau just above the Media Luna safe house which is above the bay, one full bay distance up, right where the Luna territory meets the Madre Coca territory. They lure you there the first time to get a skill point.

    The safe house has a standard weapon-less helicopter that lets you fly up in 30 secs to the plateau 600 meters away. There is an airplane there - and the plateau overlooks a military base - I think it is the Media Luna base that I mentioned above where the YouTube guy stole the Apache. Well, maybe not, because he went down into the river valley, so I think that might be a slightly different base.

    Anyway, I spent two hours last night, and I can now ALMOST fly a plane, lol.

    I wrecked it a dozen times trying to land - each time fast-travelling back to the safe house and grabbing the helicopter to get back to a fresh plane on the plateau - all within only about 2 minutes restart time.

    When you get to the plane, you take off in the direction the plane is parked - meaning right off the side. You only have 15 meters of room, but that's enough.

    However, I found that by shooting one parking cone - at the very top of the cone - with my sniper rifle (other rifles won't hit it hard enough) I can get it to bounce completely out of the way so it won't continue to interfere with the takeoff. Otherwise you have to try to turn slightly to the left to miss the cone. Easier just to shoot it.

    You can takeoff in only 15 meters of runway, as I mentioned, then you head to your right into a large Madre Coca valley free of missiles. If you try to go the other way, to the left, then you get a missile.

    You can fly down the entire valley and try turns - I began to get the hang of it. They set the plane speed, without holding down the shift key, to just above stall speed, where you will descend very slowly - so occasionally you need to hit Shift to give the plane a power boost - and maybe S at the same time if you get too low or are approaching a hill.

    For helicopter and airplane, they have W as nose down, and S as nose up.

    [In Wildlands, the devs have done a nice job of balancing helicopter auto-hover with fast flying. I have no doubt that they play Arma3. In Arma3 you turn auto-hover on and off. Rather than have a toggle on/off, which got me screwed up sometimes, I put the auto-hover on the right ctrl key so there would be no doubt that I am in auto-hover when I take my hand off the mouse and hit that right ctrl key, especially just before I am about to crash when I lose control.

    When I want to get going again, I use the X key to turn the auto-hover off. I may be wrong but I think auto-hover is actually a real-world helicopter option - the vehicle rocks back to stop forward motion, and then maintains altitude. You can move forward with the W key, but not faster than a very slow 20 km/hr. Auto-hover is really great for pinpoint landings in congested areas. In fact I don't know if I could land without auto-hover. This game defaults back to auto-hover when you manually rock back with the S key, and stop your forward motion - it then goes right into an auto-hover mode.

    When you turn off the auto-hover in Arma3, you then carefully use W, plus shift for throttle, to get yourself moving very fast, up to 250 km/hr - really fast - without over-doing it, and nosing down and crashing. (BTW I think I actually do use left ctrl in Arma3 for down-throttle - I'm sure they took their helicopter controls from Arma3.) But in Arma3 you can't get any speed up unless you manually turn off auto-hover mode.

    There was one Arma3 map that I posted screenshots on, where I didn't want more than a 5 km/hr crawl, in an area with a SAM missile launcher. I moved down to 3-4 meters above the ground, and very slowly inched forward until I found the deadly launcher.

    In this game, if you hit throttle plus W you will temporarily disable auto-hover and pick up some speed, maybe up to 50 km/hr, but you will also descend until you release the W key. Then you will maintain that speed until nosing up again. When I first started playing this I went into the water quite often. If you are a bit off, you may have to suddenly hit S to tip your nose up, which reduces forward speed and starts to turn on auto-hover.

    So it's a little tricky to use shift plus W to attain a decent forward speed to get anywhere. I failed three times the mission where you disable two radio towers within 60 seconds, and the 2nd one is almost 900 meters away, up a hill to a flat landing area. I couldn't believe only 60 seconds and it was almost a full kilometer away. The last failure I got pretty close to almost turning it off in time.

    You need to get some speed going to close that distance - I am pretty close when my guys tell me we've used up half our time. By then I have had to tilt back to pick up height as the landing plateau is about 100 meters higher than where you start next to the river.

    I came across the mission a week later, yesterday in fact, and now with much better skills I got over there, landed pretty hard - and turned off the second tower with 5 seconds to spare.

    In Arma3 if you land that hard, your helicopter takes damage and may smoke. But this game has built some strength in the landing skids which splay outward to absorb the shock of a rough landing, so I have not yet had a hard landing cause any visible helicopter damage. I usually land with more finesse, but not when the clock is ticking!

    So without giving you an auto-hover button, they have allowed you to temporarily disable it - it's a nice thing they have done to make it just a little easier for those who haven't played Arma3 and don't have much helicopter flying time.]​

    I by no means have mastered this airplane flying, but I see some improvement. I actually did land a few times near the end of the practice session.

    By the way, one thing I liked and was kind of amazed with, if you land too close to the end of the runway, making it impossible to take off again, if you hold the S key, which is my walk backward key, and give it some throttle, the plane actually taxis backward.

    How can a plane move backward? It can't unless it's a big passenger jet with the flap that comes down over the thrust nozzle, and pushes the exhaust gasses forward - then the jet WILL move backward - that's one of the things they do when landing to slow the velocity.

    But for a little propeller plane like this - you can't get it to move backward, unless you rotate the prop the other way - am I correct? Wait. Maybe I am wrong - can you actually rotate the individual blades 90 degrees so they tilt the opposite way, pushing air instead of pulling it? Yes, I think you CAN adjust the bite of the blades, but I don't know if in real life you can adjust them by a full 90 degrees to achieve push instead of pull.

    The other thing you can do, in real life, of course, with a small plane like this, is you can get out, and lift the tail, and walk your plane backward to give yourself some takeoff room.

    But without googling, I know that you CAN rotate the individual blades of your prop - I just don't know if you can rotate a full 90 degrees. Anybody know - Jeff? Kevin? Sam?

    (Edit - I went back to ctrl for reduce throttle - ring finger Z hits middle finger W so that is a BAD key combination and you need reduce throttle and nose down to land. So this way little finger has to fold back to ctrl - I'll just have to learn to not panic and do that correctly.)

    [wrong] For helicopter and airplane, I am using shift for increase throttle, and Z for reduce throttle.
    For landing it's not as simple as helicopter, where I have the Z key as the slow-down and descend key - also for airplane. I tried hitting Z but the plane would not descend to land - so I over-ran the landing strip three or four times before I finally realized that I had to use W - nose down - in combination with the Z - throttle back - in order to actually touch down - and then the Z key activates the brakes.

    I actually had a couple of smooth landings. So there's hope! :p

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    Final edit 7 interesting game pointers.

    One of the hardest "protect the radio" missions (some forum posts say those are the hardest missions) was at an elementary school. I think the town is called something like Chaca Barraca - a cute little town. You will see on the map a main large paved road - it is just to the left of that road. When you fast-travel, run to the paved highway and look for the water tower - the large billboard with a kid's picture on it is to the left, next to the road, and that right-angle building behind the billboard is a schoolhouse. The radio mission occurred during school hours, and I had to try to shoot a few rounds down in the middle of the little soccer area to get the kids to scatter before the fireworks started. The only other video game I have played, that had kids, not counting Bioshock, were the two brilliant slavic Metro games - other Jeff-recommended titles. I noticed later in Wildlands that there are also kids at the Junin unidad base where you spawn into a little village - the kids are to the left. And I just played a mission where my character says "Get these kids out of here" and then I came across 3 kids playing in the dirt road. I always smile - I think it is an awesome realistic element in the game that adds tremendous flavor.

    (I like the spanish too - it's genuine and loaded with expletives. The 3 Bolivians that are having an animated conversation at most of the fast-travel sites. One guy is telling the other, screaming at him in fact - "that girl will ruin you" "Esa mujer te va a ruinar" and he calls her a Puta (whore) and says some other things. He calls his friend "Huevon" which comes from huevo"WAY bo" which means egg. "WAYbone" is big egg. Meaning big balls. He is telling the guy, "Listen, big balls, that girl is going to ruin you - as he screams at his friend. Hahaha. Also all over the place, when you are around civilians, they are either screaming "LEAVE US IN PEACE" "deje-nos en paz por favor" or saying "nothing matters to these people" "a esa gente no le importa nada." "A essa HENtay, no lay imPORta NAHthe." And they are saying "fu**er" and "fu**ing bast**d" and stuff like that every minute. Lately as I have done so many rebel missions, they are greeting me and saying "let's go have a beer and celebrate" "Vamos a tomar cerveza para celebrar" "BAmohse a towMAR sehrBAYsuh PARuh SELLuhbrar." So that's a nice element that adds an authentic touch - really a brilliant game! Thanks a zillion times Jeff!!)​

    That same schoolyard "protect the radio" was the hardest one yet - I took out the first helicopter with 3 sniper shots, and six times it crashed right on the radio emitter. I said to myself, "how could they take out the radio that fast" and then came around from the back of the building to see the heli crashed in the schoolyard. WTF! After 5 or 10 defeats, I told myself "Wow it would be great if I could climb on that sloped tile roof of the school" and then I saw a box, and some scaffolding - so you can climb right up. Duhhhhh! The weapon to use is an LMG. They don't finish with one helicopter, they keep sending them. If you check weapon stats, the damage from an LMG like the MG or the R6pxx (?) is the same as sniper rifle. The Llamativo is slightly less, but has more rapid fire as I have mentioned. I now find that the Llamativo takes down any helicopter extremely fast - in maybe 5 seconds. [Edit - Apache helicopters go down but not quite so fast - the main thing with them - unlike with the others - if you see an Apache facing you - he's about to fire missiles and if you think you will kill him before he missiles you, 9 times out of 10 you are wrong. When the other ones face me, I know I will destroy them in 2 seconds before their mini-guns get me. But not with Apache - his main armor is in front. Just get out of there. You will hear the missiles explode but you will have left the room or moved to the side of a wall, etc. Then attack from side, or from underneath, and he will nicely explode.] Forget sniper rifle for helicopters. The other thing to remember is to order "Fire" then order "Go there" and your guys will stay in aggressive mode, but in a circle right in front of the emitter. At the schoolyard in Chaca Barraca you stay up on the roof, behind the slope of the roof that is parallel to the highway, coming up from time to time to try to shoot bad guys, but then moving down for protection when you shoot helicopters. It took at least 15 tries. (I just googled to get the name of the town, and one guy goes and parks vehicle after vehicle in front of the emitter to protect it - WTF - brilliant!!! He also lays mines, c4 traps ?? whatever that is - and he orders in the rebels for help. I don't yet know how to do that - or I might not have that upgrade - but from the roof of the school before turning on the radio, I fired down grenades on the highway for practice - after grenading myself because of the grenade sight being on the highway, but the physical grenade launcher was pointed at the lip of the roof. Anyway, doing the grenade practice, I started noticing that the rebels started arriving - some of them with their pickups with mounted mini-guns. So I started the grenade practice every time after that before turning on the radio.) One forum thread says Hardest of all "protect emitter" is Camaines, Ingani.

    Camaines Ingani wildlands protect emitter - A CHALLENGE FOR SURE
    edit - I played and beat that Ingani one after 12 tries. Here's the secret. Gather up all 6 cars, trucks and mini-buses in the village. One spawns right next to you - or if not it will be there by the time you have gathered the other 5. You might need to drive around with a motorcycle to see each car on the mini-map. Then build a 3/4 rectangle with 2 cars in the back - the two tallest - and 2 on each side. You can't place them right next to the emitter - the enemies will shoot the cars, which will catch on fire, and that will destroy the emitter. On the non-road side of the emitter - the back - there is a giant tree separated by two-car lengths from a fence - that is where the tallest cars go right next to but above the incline, to keep anybody from climbing that slight 4-foot incline and getting up to the back of the emitter where they can shoot it and your guys won't see them. So when you park those two tallest vehicles, mini-buses preferably - test it yourself and make sure that you can't climb up and stand there. Then as you are looking at the emitter from the road, park one on the left against the tree and another butted up behind it, then on the right, one against the fence, ignore the bush and drive right over it, and one butted up behind it. Test it to make sure the ONLY way anybody can get into that 3/4 rectangle is to come through the open end. Then order Fire which sends them running to find bad guys, then order Go There to bring them back into the 3/4 rectangle in front of the emitter, then start the radio.

    Your job is to A. take care of the two vehicles that come from right of the emitter where the little parking lot is where your last car eventually spawns. Watch for them coming on the mini-map - don't go out there looking for them or you'll get shot and blow the mission. I used grenade launcher and I forgot I had mines. Duhhhh. The first car comes within 30 seconds, the second about a minute later. One of them has a mini-gun and will take your whole squad down. B. Your other job is to stay in the warehouse and protect yourself and kill the one or two guys who come into the warehouse from the side doors, and as I mentioned, watch the mini-map for the red enemy car that is coming, then quickly venture out and grenade it, then quickly retreat before you get shot. If you don't have grenade launcher then regular grenades will work and you only need two. Remember on regular grenades there is a short cook time, so toss them a little early.

    Other than those two critical jobs you really don't have to help out - the box of 6 cars that you have made will have been enough. If you try to help too aggressively you will probably get taken down - there is too much fire - and then if you go down, that will pull your guys out of the circle and probably blow the mission. You could try to put them back after they revive you, but you will likely be close to losing the emitter by then. One time about 4 attempts before that last one, I lost the emitter within 2 seconds of the countdown. At the 10-second countdown I knew there was only about 5% emitter life left - I just crossed my fingers. But I should have run out and gotten right there at the emitter and maybe killed a bad guy who was shooting at it. That was when I was creating the box of cars, but I had not perfected the final box as described above. I only created the perfect 3/4 box the one time, and beat the mission with it. In fact, learning from the near-miss, when the last mission reached 30 seconds left, and I knew there was a good 25% emitter health left, I ran out to the left of the warehouse near the road, got my back to a huge tree on my side of the road, and shot toward the right with my LMG, full auto for the whole 30 seconds aiming at some enemy red logos above burning cars. I don't think I hit anybody, but maybe I suppressed their fire a bit. Thinking about it later, I should have fired off my 9 grenades. Finally my clip ran out and as I reloaded, my character said "Well, that message that we got out is sure to have helped the rebels" meaning the mission was beat, and then we wiped out the remaining bad guys.

    Three things that I didn't think of until later:
    1. I forgot about mining the road.
    2. I screwed up in ordering the 4 rebels - they were out in a field because I put them there - I didn't know that the order choice also has a "go there" circle - duhhh. Prior times it seemed like they followed me around inside the warehouse, so I thought that's how they came - as a support team for me. When I ran down to the meadow "Here I am dummies" but I couldn't get them to follow me, then I realized I had fu**ed up, so I had to continue, and I told myself "well, at least this time I won't get so distracted in shooting that I will forget about watching the mini-map for the red cars." So I did that correctly and did not get shot down, and consequently beat the mission. If you order rebels, which probably can't hurt, I am NOT sure that they should be in the box with your guys - possibly that WOULD hurt as it might inhibit how your guys fire, although they are probably programmed to not be able to kill friendlies. But maybe put them somewhere else, like down below behind the emitter somewhere might be a better place for them, or even up on the roof of the warehouse.
    3. Speaking of the roof, I didn't realize until I beat the mission, that you can go up to the roof of the warehouse. However, that may not have been so good - I have trouble firing from roofs because of 3rd person, particularly with grenade launcher. So more lately, I have been trying to use first person grenade launcher from a roof, which includes from a flat rock above a highway, where first person would presumably show me that I was actually aiming at the edge of the roof about to kill myself, rather than out on the road. The grenade launcher standard cross-hairs, which I prefer, looks like it is well into the road, but the under-carriage grenade launcher "pistol attachment" is actually blocked by the edge of the roof so you enjoy the very unpleasant surprise of shooting the roof and killing yourself. Duhhhh. This is one of the dangers of shooting in 3rd person, like coming from behind a wall, or up from cover. With a gun they try to put an X there to tell you - "your gun is blocked from shooting here" - but they don't do that with grenade launcher cross-hairs - they should at least turn it red or some other warning!! The other thing about the warehouse roof is - you would then have to mine the stairs leading up - maybe one mine would be enough.​
    I would love to replay that mission. No way to do that. I thought I knew where the save games are - but the save date is still back at when I started playing, so that is not the correct steam save game folder. No way to replay that mission without starting a new campaign. LOL​

    In other situations where you want your guys with you in an intense situation, you can also order "fire" and then order "regroup" and they will stay in aggressive fire mode but also stay with you. One forum poster said the AI is useless - I think he simply has never ordered "Fire" which I also never did until after about 20 hours of gameplay, in the "hold out in the parking lot" mission, at the golf resort, when I watched my guys NOT ATTACK the cars that kept coming to kill me. If you never order "fire" you may be disappointed - to put it mildly - at the lackluster fire support you get. I have even moved down the stairs on a sniper tower that we were attacking from, when things calmed down but I knew from the mini-map that some enemies had come to the base of the tower - only to see several enemies that had come partway up the stairs - and they were standing like buddies right next to my teammates. I had been getting fire support from my guys, and I had thought that they had my back, but I had never actually ordered "Fire."

    If you fail in an attack attempt, the quickest way to put yourself in position to attempt the assault again, is to get killed twice! I failed in a "steal helicopter" attempt - I had the captain killed by my sniper teammate, but then the Lieutenant flew the bird away. So there is both a captain and a lieutenant. (My strategy of positioning where I can aim at the entry door for the pilot, and then giving the Fire order to my team, is the best way to beat those missions.) Anyway, watching the helicopter fly away, I knew I had to quickly get killed TWICE, quickly before we were no longer in a fight. So I ran to a bad guy so he could kill me. I got revived and noticed that thankfully there was still one red dot on the mini-map. I ran over to him so he could kill me with his little machine pistol - I have the upgrade that gives me more life after being revived so I had to stand there for 10 seconds until he finally was able to finish me off. KILLED IN ACTION - so with the 2nd death they restarted the assault. Otherwise you have to go somewhere else, or fast-travel somewhere, to get the assault to re-start, and then you are not nearby, so you have to come all the way back. Might take 10 minutes, versus 20 seconds. I have tried suicide by grenade - that might work for the first attempt, but if there are no more bad guys, you are no longer in a "fight" so your team will revive you again and again. I also do this if I get killed quickly in a complicated challenging assault - I have already used up my one extra life - so sometimes right after I get revived I just run to the enemy to get killed so we can restart. I know that I will probably need that one extra life later on.

    I figured out how to lay mines - you hit the 4 key which will cycle through your mines, c4, grenades, diversionary false grenades, etc. - and each one it cycles to becomes the G key. (I think the 5 key is for mines, but just cycling through the 4 key is easy.) I only discovered this last night and I upgraded to mines a week ago. I would have liked to have laid some mines on those sniper tower stairs. [edit - last night 6/25 I laid 3 mines down the row of stairs leading up to a roof that I was shooting from - and near the end of the action there was a big explosion and I found 2 dead enemies laying down there - hahaha!] I also just increased the range of the drone - that was a big help.

    The 8-wheeled grenade launching vehicle will wipe out an entire army attacking you (maybe not helicopters though) but it is not amphibious. In the marshy area in the El Ceribro realm, where you destroy the submarines, they incredibly don't have those marsh wind-fan flat boats, like in the Everglades, that can almost also travel on land - they have normal propeller prop outboard engines, and your boats take about 2 feet of water draft, so you can get out and walk where there is shallow water after your boat gets stuck. LAME. The 8-wheeled grenade chucker will wander around nicely, until the water gets deeper and down it goes. LAME AGAIN. They could have made it amphibious. In Arma3 they do have one that can float - just barely - only about 6 inches of tilted vehicle sticks out of the water - but that's all you need - it is floating and you can drive it to the beach to get up out of the water.

    That El Ceribro base, where the prototype of the new submarine is, also has a SAM missile site - WTF!
    So you can get those annoying missiles right out in the middle of the bog. You get used to flying really low - you can see the water kick up in the draft of your helicopter blades. I stole a helicopter from that base, when we were completely done, after first grenading the SAM installation. That's where the 8-wheeled grenade chucker was. Come to think of it - I should have just jumped in that 8-wheeled beast at the beginning to wipe out all those enemies - maybe 20-30 of them if you count the bunch in the ruins right next to the base.

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