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The Strangest Case Of Nonworking Swap Magic I've Ever Seen

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by MODSAN, Jun 23, 2007.


    MODSAN Member

    Oct 9, 2006
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    Hello, I've been a Swap Magic/flip top user for quite awhile now, and I'm posting in the case of my friend's predicament.
    Recently I suggested that he purchase the Swap Magic discs with flip top case. He obtained two PS2s as well.

    The model numbers of the PS2s are:
    SCPH-30001 R

    For some odd reason, he cannot get any backups to boot up properly. They skip badly or do not load at all. Despite switching modes, PAL games still flicker. He also cannot get any ELFs to boot up off a USB flash drive. He has HD Loader as well, and a few games, but not all, will work on it. Original games run flawlessly, as well as homebrew programs that boot from disc. He has tried booting all these things on both PS2s, with similar results. Some discs that he had a small quantity of booted and ran the backups flawlessly, they were: Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R, and Maxell DVD+R. Other discs that did not work, despite their high quality were: HP DVD-R, Memorex DVD-R, and oddly enough, some Verbatim DVD+R that, unlike the Verbatim that booted [2.4x max speed] were 16x max speed instead. Also, if it is pertinent information, the slower max speed Verbatims had the following number on the disc: ZD5191-DVR-T47D, while the higher max speed Verbatims had the following number on the disc: ZB9638-DVR-V47. However, there is still the issue of things like PAL games, ELF files from USB, and quite a selection of games not working as they should. He has tryed cleaning the laser lens, but ended up with similar outcomes. Is there any possible explanation for this?
  2. Z3120

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    Jan 8, 2007
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    Not a surprise considering Verbatim and Maxell are considered top-tier DVD media brands around here along with Taiyo Yuden, Sony and Ritek.

    The HP and Memorex DVD-Rs that didn't work aren't a surprised. They're absolutely expletives unless the media IDs are coded out differently which I highly doubt. You can check here for a list of media IDs for many DVD media brands. And about the Verbatim disc not working when burnt at 2.4 but the Verbatim disc(s) burnt at 16x isn't a surprised either. Unless your burner is exceptionally good, burning anything less than 4x on any 16x DVD media usually provides bad results compared to burning it directly at 16x.

    Swap magic doesn't completely eliminate this problem. It only remedies some screen resolutions for some PS2 games when trying to play a PAL PS2 game on a NTSC PS2 or vice versa. You'll have better luck running the ISO you made of the game, if you are indeed playing a backup of it, through a PAL to NTSC converter instead. And also, a mod-chip, if you have it and depending on what mod-chip, fixes the Y-resolution problem better then what Swap Magic can yet the mod-chip doesn't completely eliminate the problem either. Does the TV support PAL PS2 games?

    Like what ELFs specifically and also, what ELF is he trying to get working?

    Check this game compatibility list and see if it is listed as not working. Also, it could be a bad burn. Try uploading the ISO/image onto HDL again and see if it works.

    Although you can use DVD+Rs in older fat PS2s, the general opinion about DVD+Rs is don't bother with it and use top-tier quality DVD-Rs instead. Using good quality DVD+Rs, Verbatim and Maxell, and bad quality DVD-Rs, Memorex and HP, is not a great indicator on the PS2 being unable to use and read DVD-Rs.

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