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Discussion in 'DVD players' started by jixxxer, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. jixxxer

    jixxxer Guest

    Hi, I just got a new sony 42" lcd hdtv 720p. The problem is i want to upconvert my dvds. So I know i need a dvd player with the capablility, but I have a sony dream system which is a 5 dvd changer, tuner 5.1 surround all in one. Will I still be able to use this along with the new upscaling dvd player? Or can I purchase just an upsaling box or something to plug in to my current dvd player?????
  2. vectormx

    vectormx Member

    Jan 18, 2005
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    They don't make a upscale box per say for your specific system although there are a number of upscaling aftermarket boxes you can purchase. If your Dream system has additional inputs open, you can add an upscaling dvd player. Video output from the dvd player will have to go directly to the TV, most likely with an HDMI cable only...If your Dream system has an open input for audio, preferably digital optical, you can send the audio to that open input and select the input on the dream system when watching dvd's.

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