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With Sony's new writer, is the battle being won by the dvd-r/rw format?

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by falcon7, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. falcon7

    falcon7 Member

    Feb 12, 2003
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    It seems to me if big company like Sony introduces a writer supporting both formats. The edge goes to dvd-r/rw over dvd+r/rw because their previous format was dvd+r/rw. It seems like they are abandoning dvd-r/rw format. Does anyone have any thoughts on which format might be the winner in the future?
  2. omegaboy

    omegaboy Guest

    I think the format is not the dvd compliant issue, is it? because I noticed that my Sylvania dvd player can't play -R dvd disc that was burned by Nero, but my Panasonic dvd player can read it just fine. So I burn again with a different software (still with the -R disc) known as "RecordNow Max" and this time the Sylvania dvd player can read it very well. But as for your question, I think if the compatibility issue is based on the recording software mostly, then -R/RW format will be the winner, because the discs are cheaper too!
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  3. AIDEN

    AIDEN Guest

    dont think its fair to state that dvd- will be the winner cause the discs are cheaper.
    i think mr gates is only going to support dvd+rw in his next op
    dvd+ offers some better features that dvd- cant handle if you read up on it that is
  4. omegaboy

    omegaboy Guest

    please give me the link to that page so i can read the new features.
  5. AIDEN

    AIDEN Guest

  6. omegaboy

    omegaboy Guest

    It is said that DVD+R discs support CAV and CLV writing. What are CAV and CLV ? And also it is said that they have "more features"... but what are these "more features"? I'm a newbie and I need specific description.... lol!

    Anyway, currently my opinion is that... if the battle is based on DVD player compatibility to play these discs, then I think -R will win (ofcourse I might be wrong, but that's what I think... so far), because they're cheaper, heheh... and the compatibility is not because of the - or + discs, it's mostly based on the software you use to transcode/re-encode/decode and to record the DVD! And NERO is not the recommended software to burn DVD, because a lot of DVD Players, such as APex DVD Players, most Apex models can't read the disc that was burnt by Nero.
  7. AIDEN

    AIDEN Guest

    Your way of matey, k the diffrences are for 1, the speed at which the disc is written 2,cav/cal is the centre of the disc, so for instance when you write on a dvd-r disc you will notice a slight delay before you notice anything is happening. ie ( starts to physically write to the disc.....
    dvd+ starts straight away writing at the speed its suppossed to.
    3, dvd- doesnt do variable bit rate
    4, dvd- you have to finalise the disc,meaning you cant treat it like a floppy
    5, most majot manufaturers are supporting dvd+. i.e microsoft/hp/philips (all big market leaders. and thats just a few of em)

    i have to dvd writers i have the pioneer 103 and the philips 228 dvd+ writer

    not slagging either format of as they are both suitable for what i need. but what you got to remember is that dvd+rw hasnt been around as long as dvd-. now look at what it offers and where it has come from in such a small space of time.

    here is one instance for you.
    lets say you buy a dvd recorder for your television, lets say a dvd-
    that recorder will only record what you tell it to ( nothing more and nothing less )
    now you buy the same machine except this time its a dvd+ ( with this you get menu's / chapters / adjust the audio settings for like 6channel or 2 channel etc,etc )

    this is what i think..... you have a dvd- writer your happy with it. never let you down so its natural to say that dvd- will win.
    in my opinion i wouldnt like to say. if it were my choice i would like to think that dvd+ will win. pioneer were the first i think to bring the dvd writer out. but they are not major players when it comes to computer technology,
  8. omegaboy

    omegaboy Guest

    hhee... well actually I have a Sony that does both formats. Maybe later when I can afford to buy +R discs and try the "new features", I'll change my opinion later... heheh... Oh and by the way, Sony DVD writer and HP DVD writer, both burn DVD discs at 4X max, but for CD writing, Sony can burn 24 X and Hp 300i can only burn 16X, big difference isn't it ?
  9. SevenOTwo

    SevenOTwo Member

    Jan 2, 2003
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    lets see, playstation version 5, 6, and 7 will read both types of media, and for those tht dont know, you dont need a mod to play backups of dvd movies made with dvdxcopy, it will split the double layered dvd over 2 blank dvd's (video dvd only)

    just a little info, dont blame me for what happens

    btw, my sony burner never burned a cd at 24x, now that sucks
  10. omegaboy

    omegaboy Guest

    I got the SONY 4X Internal. Oh and hehehe... I use Record Now MAX, so that probably enable my SONY to write that fast. 'cuz I got some Memorex DVD discs that only lets me write 1X in Nero, but when I use REcordnow Max, it lets me burn 4X, isn't that weird? And the DVD discs still works in my Playstation, and the Apex DVD players. (Why do I always end up with best hardware? :) )

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