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Xbox 360 Live & AOL Help!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by The_Chaos, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. The_Chaos

    The_Chaos Guest

    The other day i was playing on xbox live on my 360, and at 11:00pm i got disconnected, and previously throughout the day both my xbox live and internet were working fine. I was disconnected not only from live but the internet aswell. The computer downstairs was working fine, but my computer was disconnected.

    I have speculated that this has something to do with AOL, as i have been looking round the web and there seems to be some sort of conflict when trying to associate xbox live with AOL, my current ISP. One of the reasons that has risen multiple times is the fact that Microsoft and AOL are very competitive (sp?), and that AOL is being nasty by not letting the connections work or somethin. We have high speed DSL, but im not sure which package we're using.

    Also, some other time, i accidentally reset the router at 11:00pm, that may have had an effect on the internet connection but im not sure. I would greatly appreciate clarification.

    Im not sure if this stuff is of any help, but it may make some sense to you:

    - I am using the downstairs PC as a default gateway for my PC internet in my bedroom

    - We are using a Linkseys router which is supposed to be incompatible with Xbox live

    - Both my xbox and PC arent showing up on the home network

    - We are using ICS (internet connection sharing)

    I hope this helps. Ive emailed AOL and if theyre responsible, theyve got a flame bomb on standby.........

    - Chaos
  2. caliph

    caliph Guest

  3. The_Chaos

    The_Chaos Guest

    I admire everyones enthusiasm.........
  4. tabletpc

    tabletpc Guest

    this is why aol stands for

    A = always

    O = offline

    L = losers

    this is a joke that most computer users and builders use this is why pwople do not sign up with aol it's not because there browser is bad but because they havn't figured out how to make there internet software safe without blocking a whole bunch of stuff
  5. handsom

    handsom Regular member

    Mar 29, 2006
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    No offense, but AOL puts up a crazy amount of 'protection'(as they like to call what everyone else refers to as unwanted spy/spamware), and consume/restrict a lot of types of bandwidth usage. It's a mess to get through them well.

    The only two real suggestions that you're going to get here are the following:

    -*Call* AOL tech support, have a speakerphone ready, and some anger management courses under your belt; it's gonna take a while to get anywhere. Ultimately, the 360 is a common device, someone down there will no how to get it to work through their service.

    As an alternative:

    -Call another ISP, who provides broadband, like sbc/yahoo dsl, it's not as fast as cable, but it'll do the job. Get their service, without as much hassle, and *le Gasp!* technical support that doesn't require prior anger management courses. You'll find this is the more popular option.

    I'm sorry if this comes across cynical, it's not meant to. AOL isn't going to do anything useful for you over the web. If you get in touch with a live person, who's goal is to get you off the phone, and have you not call back(Yes, that's one of their goals); then that individual is more likely to be helpful... Eventually. Just brace yourself for "Is your network plugged in? Are you sure? Is it on? Are the lights on? Are they blinking? Are they still blinking? How many times do you think they can blink before they burn out? How many times do you think they will blink whilst I make myself a sandwhich?"

    Best of luck to you!

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