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Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by KLADSTRUP, Mar 2, 2007.



    had a 1.5 but then i went to 3.03 oe-a but while it was installing in the black screen i turned it off...now i have 3.03 oe-c and everytime i go to recovery mode it just has a black screen and if i leave it there for a awhile recovery mode pops up but when i try to press the arrows it just goes back to black...everything works fine except for the recovery mode..sum1 plz help

    well it just turns black when im in recovery...then when i turn press power it boots up like normal to the xmb...basically i just cant see the recovery mode...it doesnt shut off or anything i just cant see it...
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    DUDE! You already have a thread going for this and you started this thread a meer minute after posting your last post in the other thread. If you do that again, everyone is going to jump on you and you will probably get reported. I suggest reading the rules that you had to agreed to when you signed up.

    EDIT- Oh, BTW, a mod is probably going to close this thread and the other because you started this thread when people were already trying to help you in the other.
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