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3.03:OE-C -- 3:40:OE-A....Worth it for trying out RemoteJoy ?

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by ahmadka, May 23, 2007.

  1. ahmadka

    ahmadka Regular member

    Apr 17, 2005
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    OK guys, I currently have 3.03:OE-C installed on my PSP....yesterday I read about the newest gadget for the PSP on the block: RemoteJoy .....and to be very honest, I really like the idea, and I want to try it out for myself...see how the PSP works with my big-ass LCD .....As you may know the developer of the program recommends 3.40:OE-A Fw for RemoteJoy, so basically my questions are the following:

    1) Should I upgrade from 3.03:OE-C to 3.40:OE-A ?? Will I be missing anything out from 3.03:OE-C ??

    2) I load ISOs on my PSP using the USB plugins, etc.... Is there a USB loading plugin for 3.40:OE-A ??

    3) Assuming that I do upgrade to 3.40:OE-A, and that I can load ISOs through the USB connection fine....Now if I start RemoteJoy, *two* connections/plugins will simultaneously be working through the USB connection......ISO loading plugin, and RemoteJoy....so is there any chance of a clash between them ??

    Thanx in advance dudes
  2. shadow270

    shadow270 Guest

    1) 3.40 oe has all the features of 3.03 so you wont be missing anything

    2)i dont know, could be that the same plugin you use on 3.03 will work on 3.40 also.

    3) no idea..just try it..you have nothing to lose.

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