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3.03 TO 1.5

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Homebrew software' started by KLADSTRUP, Feb 16, 2007.



    i have tried and tried to dg my psp but no luck...i have GTA LCS unpatched version and everything and i cant seem to do it...when i download the downgrader and eboot it tells me to put it in the root of the memory stick...can someone plese help me ot give me a link on hot to use .rar or .pbp files...also in order to get custom XMB do i have to have 1.5 fw??
  2. attias6

    attias6 Guest

    When you download the downgrader, it's all in .rar! You have to extract it with WinRar ( http://www.rarlabs.com )! Once this is done, follow the readme.txt. I used this downgrader already twice and worked both times!


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