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4x vs 8x taiyo yudens, differences in 8x riteks

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by hoebag, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. hoebag

    hoebag Guest

    Several questions.. thanks in advance for your attention and answers.

    rima carries 4x taiyo yuden dvd-r's for $0.90/50pk:


    Meritline carries 8x taiyo yuden dvd-r's for about $1.00/50pk:


    It seems like the price difference between the two is minimal.. Any reason to get 4x media besides saving $10 per $100?

    another question: Meritline carries Ritek 8x DVD-R's (G05) in shiny silver top and matte top with a rather significant price difference: 0.63 for shiny, 0.80 for matte, or $17/$100. Is the difference purely cosmetic? Here is the link:


    They are on the 3rd row of discs.

    It also seems that the pricing difference between Ritek and taiyo yuden is relatively minimal. Why would one choose one over the other?

    Also, what is a stacking ring that some spindles apparently come with?
  2. hoebag

    hoebag Guest

    Edit: I meant to say that the pricing difference between ritek and taiyo yuden is minimal when comparing their 8x media, but now that I think about it i guess the difference isnt that small:

    RIMA prices
    TY: 0.89/100pk
    Ritek: 0.58/100pk

    What catches my attention though is that TY 4x is listed on rima as 0.84/100pk, and TY 8x is 0.89/100pk..

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