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7th Heaven installation.

Discussion in 'PS2' started by ELI_ICE, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. ELI_ICE

    ELI_ICE Guest

    7th heaven installation diagram for V7

    1st installation: Blank Screen
    2nd installation: rewire chip. backup autentication fail
    3rd installation: rotate 180 redo wiring backup autentication fail, everything else working. Megamemory, dms3 explorer and ps2reality player installed on memory card.
    4th installation: trim down the length of all wires. Roll back to 1.2 bios. cd & ps1 backups ok but not dvd backups(red screen) .
    5th installation: Redo D & E wire to seperate route.Upgrade to 1.3 bios. low boot rate on dvd backups, if drive making 3 clicking sound authentication would fail.
    6th installation: Frustrated with Dms3. swapped out dms3 chip with New M2 Pro. Boot everything. Played my backups(splinter Cell, NBA street Vol.2 and Dynasty Warrior 4) for 2 weeks.

    After all the 6 times of trial and error installation Hell and about to give up on DMS3. I kept hearing a voice "Don't to give up on dms3......" :)
    and finally
    7th installation: Everything works like a Charm. Boot every copy of my backups that messiah2 used to boot. Also boot GS2V3 and Codebreaker backup that my previous Messiah2 pro doesn't boot.
    Thanks to : Loy, Kitt, L-Dubb, JVegas, Foundmy(where i got my chip from) and everyone else tips and tricks yada...Yada...Yada... you guys are the best.

    I'm now officially a DMS3 fan boy and of course a happy camper too lol.
    So guys don't give up on DMS3. The greatest ps2 modchips in the universe.

    When thing doesn't work, you call it crap and if it works you call it god hahaha. thats human nature i guess.

    For those who are frustrated with DMS3 and suffering from DVD backups authentication failure (RED SCREEN) and suffering from blank screen try this installation. i know you can do a better job on those wires. It definitely cut down the length of the wires.

    Dms3 chip does generate considerable amount of heat. so i squeeze some thermal paste on the chip and use the metal plate as a heatsink.

    Here it goes:
    My 10 years old Analog Multimeter

    Front: you can do a better job on those wires

    Key Points: Electrical tape on the back and front of the chip to prevent short circuit, power from 2 solder points, double ground wires, twisted pair for D & E and keep all wires as short as possible.

    Thermal Paste on Chip

  2. ELI_ICE

    ELI_ICE Guest

    hope i won't get ban from posting this thread.

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