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A call to the competent - drchips needs help testing something

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by drchips, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. drchips

    drchips Active member

    Nov 29, 2003
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    Over the past week or so, I have been performing Extensive Stress testing of RecordNow Max V4.5 as downloaded from Stomp.

    Basic Test System Specs:
    Intel P3-933
    Generic 512 Meg PC133
    Primary Master: Pioneer A04 DVD Burner
    Primary Slave: none
    Secondary Master: Mitsumi 16 X CD Burner
    Secondary Slave: none
    EIO-AP1680 ATA133 Raid Controller with Maxtor 120 Gig with 8Meg cache.
    Windows 2000 Pro

    I have concluded my testing for the moment.

    Now, I am aware that I am far more than merely competent at setting-up and maintaining my systems (not bragging, I have been in I.T. hardware & O/S support function roles since 1987: it is my job to be GOOD).

    So, it occurs to me that my test results MAY have been skewed by my systems set-up (tweaking/stability/performance etc).

    Therefore I am asking for Volunteers to do some testing for me, and report back with results.

    The kind of testing required needs a minimum level of competence with the O/s.

    The testing will not cost you anything other than time, CPU cycles and a bit of disk space.

    If you, dear reader, are willing to help, please PM me so I can make an entry in the database.
    I am HOPING for more than 10 offers of help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Testing Requirements, Aim, Report structure and Procedure are outlined below.

    Base Requirements:

    Windows 2000 Pro OR XP (Home or Pro)
    Pioneer DVD-Burner (A04/104/105/106)
    ANY CD Burner
    Nero (any version)
    RecordNow (any version, any supplier) with a reasonably up-to-date px engine

    Aims of Test:

    Perform a test burn to DVD using RecordNow WHILE AT THE SAME TIME perform a test burn to CD using Nero.
    Record results.

    Reports wanted:

    CPU Spec (P4/Athlon, MHz etc.)
    Memory Spec (MBytes, speed rating etc.)
    Hard Drive Used (size, ATA100/ATA133 etc.)
    Primary Master device
    Primary Slave device
    Secondary Master device
    Secondary Slave device
    ANY ADD-IN IDE CONTROLLERS USED & the devices on them

    OVERALL Average CPU load (%)

    RecordNow success (Y/N)
    RecordNow Write speed you selected
    RecordNow CPU load (average %)

    Nero success (Y/N)
    Nero Write Speed you selected
    Nero CPU load (average %)

    Testing Requirements:

    A VIDEO_TS folder with a film ready for burning with RecordNow (DVD - minimum 1 Gig)
    A DVD burn speed selected in RecordNow so that the burn time EXCEEDS 10 minutes

    A data folder ready for burning with Nero (CD - minimum 500 Meg)
    A CD burn speed selected in Nero so that the burn time EXCEEDS 10 minutes

    Testing Procedure:
    Configure RecordNow to ensure the autorun shield is ON, and the buffer under-run protection is ON.
    Configure Nero to ensure buffer under-run protection is ON.

    Run Performance Monitor and configure to show:
    Processor -> % processor time
    Process -> % processor time -> nero
    Process -> IO Read Bytes/sec -> nero
    Process -> % processor time -> MyCDPro
    Process -> IO Read Bytes/sec -> MyCDPro
    Update automatically every 5 seconds.

    Run recordNow, create a Data-Disk Job, set record speed, set to TEST, load the data and start the test burn.
    Wait until RecordNow has started the test burn.
    Run Nero, create CD-ROM (ISO) with NO multisession, load the data, set the speed, set to test and start the test burn.
    Let the performance monitor run till it has a screenful of relevant data, then pause it.
    Wait for the test burns to complete.
    Jot down the results and post them to this thread.


  2. drchips

    drchips Active member

    Nov 29, 2003
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    Maybe no-one noticed this.

    Have Fun...

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