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A couple unanswered questions....

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by be4dusk, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. be4dusk

    be4dusk Member

    Apr 1, 2006
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    Yes I'm a PSP noob. Yes I searched google. Yes I searched these and many other forums. Please don't hate me if somewhere in the vast space that is the internet, these questions have already been answered.

    I just bought a psp slim with OFW 3.60 on it. I understand in order to get the CFW on it, I have to make myself a magic memory stick, and a pandora battery. There are def a lotta guides out there on how to do all that, so I think I'll be fine. My question deals with the actual cards themselves.

    Basically, what cards are recommended for:

    1) The magic memory stick
    2) The stick I actually use to store my games, movies, music, etc

    I heard somewhere that the 4GB can't be used, is this true?

    Once I upgrade to CFW, do I still need the magic memory stick? If a new version of the CFW comes out, can I upgrade directly (without having the magic stick)?

    I would like to get either the Sandisk 4GB or 8GB ultra II. Can these be used??

    How big are the game ISOs?

    And just out of curiosity, what the hell does the battery have to do with the firmware?? I'm no programmer, but I am computer saavy, and I just can't figure out the connection. Then again, I have read so many guides, threads, and youtube videos in the last hour that my brain is about to burst. SO maybe I missed something. Actually I know I missed something.

    And lastly, thanks a million to whoever is responsible for all this homebrewing. I really just wanted to have a portable game/music/video player for the many long international flights I take, but seeing all the possibilities is making me literally cum in my pants. So once again, thank you all for taking your time and energy to make this possible and for helping us little noobs out!
  2. larrylje

    larrylje Active member

    Jan 4, 2005
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    Any Pro Duo Card that is Magic Gate Supported will work in normal PSP mode.

    Pro Duo 128MB to 1GB is recommended for the Magic Memory Stick. Some have successfully used 4GB before as I have also in the past.

    You should have no issue updating to higher custom firmware after getting custom firmware installed onto your SLIM.

    If they are magic Gate Supported they should work perfectly fine (Try to stay away from Ebay when ordering Memory Sticks there are allot of FAKES being sold).

    This depends on the game itself. I have seen some under 100MB and have seen some over 1GB. You can always convert the ISO to a CSO file. A CSO file is a compressed ISO file which will run just the same as an ISO would. Go HERE for the program to convert the ISO to CSO..

    The Pandora Battery is just a service battery. Sony uses a similar Battery (Jig Kick) that serves the same purpose as what the Pandora Battery does. All it does is put the PSP into service mode so you can run files from the Magic Memory Stick to recover from a brick or Upgrade/Downgrade a PSP (Install CFW on SLIMS).

    When the first Pandora Battery Creator came out it only worked under 1.50 kernel. So you would need a PSP that had 1.50 firmware or a custom firmware PSP that had 1.50 kernel capabilities. There are Pandora Battery creators out now that will work with 3.XX kernels at this time. You can get the 3.XX Pandora Application HERE.
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