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A lots of problems with Neo 2.2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by soaresj, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. soaresj

    soaresj Guest


    First problem is that I'not sure my chip is a Neo 2.2! :))

    I think it is because it has a capacitor next to it, but I'm not sure.
    Second problem is that I cannot load DVD backup games. I have AR2 v2 and I did everything that cames on the "manual" of this forum, but still doesn't work. After I remove the original DVD and insert the backup one, the red screen apears saying that is not a valid PS2 CD...
    I tried also the swap no modchip trick, but nothing...in this method the DVD doesn't stop spinning, so I'm forced to do a "hard-eject".
    Just for the record my PS2 is a V4.
    Can you help me with this? I just want to be able to load backup DVD...and please don't tell me to buy a new chip!! That I know it is a solution!

  2. Hanedrick

    Hanedrick Regular member

    Apr 14, 2003
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    Get the Swap Magic boot dics. One disc is for cd backups and the other is for DVD. I have a fliptop cover/swap magic and it boots my DVD backups no problem. Also the swap magic will work for the neo 2.2._X_X_X_X_X_[small]You are probably wondering how I came up with the name Hanedrick. Well... the name Hanedrick is a very distorted version of my sisters name and I call her that whenever I want to get on her nerves which is like 24/7.
    Version 5 ps2.
    Fliptop Cover/smd[/small]
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2003

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