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a nOObie SLIM pstwo users experience (AR maxevo, MCEXPLOIT etc)

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by slim_dude, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. slim_dude

    slim_dude Guest

    OK...i bought a slim pstwo just last week..and i have gone thru alot of blank cdrs...mainly making coaster thru stupidity and error.

    the first thing i read about was the mc exploit..HAHAHA..stupid me.. How was i supposed to know that it DOESNT! work with the slim pstwos. WELL I KNOW NOW! but in the process, i did learn alot about the structure of ps2 cds. and the use of ELFs to do stuff eg auto boot and run media players

    i have swap magic 3.3 CD AND DVD (one for cd based games and the other for DVD based games). So when i got bored of streetfighter fighting jam i decided to read about the memory card exploit. I read thru pages and pages of forums. downloaded alot of elf and and progs to help me create title.db...however TIME AND TIME again..they didnt work on my PSTWO(slim). after 2 attempts i managed to get the cd to boot (after swapping with swapmagic3.3cd) and it actually said it was loading exploiting, copying files...then said complete, WOOHOOO! but when i use the original ps1 CDs (which the disc id i have added to the title.db) the game just kept booting instead of running the boot.elf (the prog dsigned to run from memorycard). I was pulling my hair out ARRGGHH!! so i tried and tried again..making many more coasters...still the same..i tried everything i can think of but the game would still boot. Then i decided to do a search to see if the exploit worked on the new slim pstwos..and then i was gutted :(

    to be continued after my coffee :p
  2. slim_dude

    slim_dude Guest

    Ok im back...

    The main reason i wanted to use the exploit was so that i can load up a cdloader or cogswap (both are methods to boot games without modchip) straight from my memory card when i put the original ps1 game in as i heard somewhere that i could run ps1 backups using these methods..(im a noob). I havent chipped my PS2, Im using the swap discs and the magic switch tool (some of it cos i used the tape trick to hold down the lid sensor at the back of the pstwo) I did this by removing the screws and flipping the pstwo open without splitting the warranty sticker (but be careful u dont bend it too much or the sticker will have a crease and the shop dudes might start asking questions if u ever take it back):D. Luckily its easy enough and i had a partly modded ps2 without a modchip lol (cos the magic switch doesnt let u close the lid when the tools are in place).

    Whats the point of this thread? Well its just like a kinda diary of wot i went thru and wot i learnt...
  3. slim_dude

    slim_dude Guest

    Ok i downloaded Acti0n R3play max from a site, as i heard its a better way to load exploits and run elfs (progs for ps2) thru the official USB stick u get if u buy the retail version (evo version). well i wasnt gona buy the official USB stick cos its expensive for the wot memory it only holds and i already had a few usb pens and some sd cards/compact flash smart media cards around... i downloaded the max drive and the max media creator software ..slapped some mp3s on them and see if the ar max disc would recognise my usb drive...and they didnt LOL. But they did light up so i guess something was happening..however the thing i fuond funny was , it actually recgonise my 15meg smart media plugged into a pqi card read plugged into port one of the pstwo...
  4. slim_dude

    slim_dude Guest

    i meant 16meg...

    anyway...so i slapped that autoexev emululation file that was included in the max media creator prog...and funnily enough my pstwo recognised it after run the media player on ARMAX then unlugged then plugged back in again. It auto-run the autoxec.elf and then i was presented with a genesis emulator ..COOL. i was so impressed with my discovery LOL (im a nOOb), and better still it ran games straight off the USB..
  5. slim_dude

    slim_dude Guest

    before i realised this i was running SNES station on my ps2 by burning it on cdr with games i used the 'stinkys' cd image to do this and it runs snes games pretty well...i was playing street fighter 2 turbo (snes) on my ps2 :D With this cd i could load an elf i wanted to from the menu such as cdloader, memory loader, mediaplayer etc..its pretty good. The downside was without a mod chip i still needed the swap magic disk and tools.
  6. slim_dude

    slim_dude Guest

    the media player called ps2media player is pretty good. it can play mp3s quite nicely its on version 1.50 beta at the moment i think. i was watching full metal alchemist which i had downloaed as divx on my pstwo, but it did stutter a few times..i guess its from the codec or the encoding, but the media player is still being updated so i expect it to be prefect soon :D Another thing i found out is if the AVI file is more than 630 megs it will not play cos of a limitation on the ps2.
  7. Kingsizer

    Kingsizer Member

    Apr 8, 2005
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    Swap Magic 3.6 has the ability to run from USB

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