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A PSP made soo F-ing Cr*ppy

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by pspjunior, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. pspjunior

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    Sep 11, 2006
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    im sorry for the bad language but this really bothers me.

    I have TWO PSP. one i keep on upgrading and the other i use hombrew. the one with homebrew on it when i bought it around november of 2006 it was a fw 2.71 ta-082. and the anoloag was closer to the PSP faceplate than its originally suppoed to so whenever i push the anolog up it scratches the paceplate of the psp. but i didnt let that bother me, the anolog works fine and doesnt leave MAJOR noticable scratches on my PSP.

    after months and months of using OE firmwares on the PSP with the HOMBREW (the one with the bad anolog) i thought that getting a bad internet connection was normal. because the internet signal i would get on the homebrew PSP would be under 20% and would lag so much when playing infrastructure games. whilst the other PSP where i keep upgrading i can use the internet signal from room to room. so i thought this problem with the hombrew PSPs were normal.

    untill today i decided to just upgrade to 2.81 to play my SOCOM Fire Team Bravo2 game because theres a downgrader and i let my cousin borrow my other PSP and the internet connection wont even show or anything. so this is when i reliease my PSP was made bad.. if im wrong is theree any solutions for this? ask me if u want more info on my PSP i usefor hombrew.
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