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a v7 problem

Discussion in 'PS2' started by jhnbnblzd, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. jhnbnblzd

    jhnbnblzd Guest

    hey, ive installed plenty of modchips, but i my friend ps2 v7 is having a hard time being chiped with the magic 3.1....i've heard that some v7 just don't like the 3.1....is this true? before i give him one of my premods could someone that had installed thier fair share of modchips answer if they ever ran into a v7 that wouldn't work with the 3.1!! i've been wanting to get a messiah 2 pro, so if this is true i might just chip it with the messiah....the installation looks perfect, like i said i'm not a newbie when it comes to this, but can someone help me out! I'de appreciate it alot. i also tried the "w" fix with no luck!

    ps. when the chip is in..originals will boot up but go back to the browser screen...when i put in a backup, the lazer makes some weird noise and i can see it trying move up too far then starts skiping...if i take the chip out everythings fine!
  2. eppy

    eppy Guest

    I having a wierd problem where it will read all of the ps2 backups that I've given it but wont work with some PSx backups. I know the PSx backups work because i can play them on a PSx with the 8 wire mod chip. A matter of fact, on Spyro year of the dragon the game is picking up the mod chip and stalls the boot.
  3. jhnbnblzd

    jhnbnblzd Guest

    you need to double check your "s" wire....i know that... i'm still stumped....i dunno if its the wire i use or a bad chip...i'm wondering how often the chips are bad!

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